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First Impressions of Uganda; the Natural Beauty, Amazing People, Rich Culture and Startling History!

Talk about Uganda and its first impressions! The people have very big smiles that one can quickly read into their warm and welcoming nature - how awesome is that?

Indeed those first impressions have always truly defined this beautiful country. Located in the heart of Africa, it is also known as the 'Pearl of Africa' after Sir Winston Churchill called it so - Surely it's got to be!

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Uganda sits at the equator and is blessed with sunshine all year round with an ever green tropical paradise and pleasant climate.

image placeholder The Capital, Kampala

The information contained on this website is based on personal experience - certainly because I am proudly born and bred here.

There is also a lot of information based on life time memorable experiences of people that have visited this beautiful country. What more reliable information would you get if not from someone that has been there?

image placeholder The faces

image placeholder Rafting on the Nile .... Photo by PeterJBellis

The official languages are English and Swahili although multiple other languages are spoken in the country. Have you heard about Ugandan English? Curious?!

Blessed with favourable climate, the country is endowed with an ever green tropical cover with sufficient rains and fertile soils that enable agriculture; which is the country's main sector that employs about 70% of the population, to blossom.

Uganda is part of the East African Community that includes; Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, with a population of 33 million. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the region and as part of the Common Markets for Southern Africa (COMESA), with its tax incentives for goods from the region; it certainly is the gateway lucrative market for the region.

image placeholder Tea plantation

The economy is ever-growing; with renewed investment in tea and coffee, it produces some of the world's good quality organic coffees - coffee lovers will be glad to know this! ...and is one of the leading producers of tea in Africa.Its organic cotton is among the finest in the world too.

Great tourism sites! - Those that have visited will testify. Truly gifted by nature, the country boasts of distinctive attractive destinations that stem from the bio diversity of its flora and fauna. It is home to the rare and endangered mountain gorillas that live in the now gazetted Bwindi impenetrable forest in the south west.

Excited?! Watch this short video that tells you more about this country ...

Uganda is host to 3 UNESCO world heritage sites; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park- for the gorillas, Rwenzori Mountains National Park and the Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi.

image placeholder the Kasubi tombs

image placeholder Come see the Gorillas ...

Almost 20% of the country is covered by water with Lake Victoria (the second largest fresh water lake in the world) and the River Nile (the longest in Africa) - with its source believed to be in Lake Victoria, standing out. Fishing is therefore abundant for those that enjoy fishing! ...and this has fast become one of the leading economic sectors with exports to Europe and other destinations.

You will be pleased to know that much as the traditional kingdoms greatly lie in the historic moments of our history, kingdoms still exist; the Buganda kingdom, Toro kingdom, Bunyoro kingdom, Busoga kingdom and the Ankole kingdom are the prominent among others in the country. Come see for yourself the rich heritage sites and culture of this country.

Once you get to Entebbe International Airport; 'tusanyuse okukulaba' is luganda for 'you are most welcome'. It literary means- 'we are glad to see you' how warm is that? Luganda is a language spoken in the central part of the country. Look out for survival phrases for more Luganda and plosh up on the other lingos.

Entebbe International Airport is the gateway to the world. Equipped with modern facilities and security checks, there are regular flights to different destinations in the world and with connections all over the world.

image placeholder A section of the mighty Nile

Kampala, the Capital is a vibrant blossoming metropolis that spreads over 7 hills. It's an astonishing city that has maintained its organic feel to those who knew it in its early days but also transformed into a modern city. Its ever changing skyline of new and old architecture gives it an organic feel.

All over the country, the Pearl of Africa is alive - The restaurants across the country will offer you the variety and the finest of the local cuisine. Don't forget to try 'matooke' (kind of plantain) with ground nut sauce the next time you visit ... and the grasshoppers (esenene. Life is simple out there and worth living!

image placeholder Constitution Square - Kampala

You could be one of the lucky ones who already live here, you'll still find more than a few facts about this country that you didn't know before.

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Got a question about Uganda?

If you can't find an answer to your question, you can post your question here. I will answer it or find an expert who can.

Come with a mind open to pleasant surprises, historic wonders, delightful people, the cuisine and a life time Ugandan vacation experience.

I hope I will make this wonderful country come alive in your imagination and quest and when you visit, you will love it as much as I do.

Come back and visit this website more often....and you will find a lot more information as I post new updates.


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Wonderful website! so much information, written in a nice and funny way ... my compliments! Reading it I remember why I moved to live in Uganda.
~ Janwillem Van De Kamp - on Facebook

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Good job - I found this helpful for my family in Uganda. God bless you.
~ Joseph, Canada.

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... I must say your website is really very comprehensive and covers everything a visitor needs to know about Uganda and your personal assistance has been invaluable for which I am truly grateful.
~ Richard Lush, United Kingdom.

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