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Ugandan Beer Is The True Taste ...

Ugandan Beer! Glad you finally got to this page ...

"The beer that won the GOLD Medal...", " the Height of Quality...", "... for a Great Night and a Good Morning ...", "Uganda's Finest lager ..." .

That's just to tell you what awaits you!

But before that...

Just a quick check to make sure you are part of the right audience for this content:-

Please Confirm you are 18+;

Consent Required - This could be your first lie test ...

~Remember, Big Brother is watching you ...

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Shhh! looks like we've got all the young lads off this page - Let's proceed ...

Great! This is where the preveledges of being an adult start...

... So they say! When you can freely and responsibly sit back to enjoy a cold refreshing Ugandan beer without anyone asking for you ID.

I hopefully want to believe that no young person below 18 years of age slips through to this point because this is for ADULTS ONLY boy! Surely, if you are below age you can't have Ugandan beer - Sorry! ... and sadly I am going to ask you to leave immediately by clicking the BACK button.

OK! then, now that I am left with consenting adults only, here are a couple of in-house phrases we have to keep in mind;

"Do not drink and drive!" - I guess this is one you have seen over and over again. This is just my humble appeal, have this in your constant reminders. The choice of beer will certainly get you excited and in the mood to enjoy that unforgettable Uganda Vacation, but while you do that;

It is quite dangerous to drink and drive especially on Ugandan roads - Read more on Driving in Uganda here!

... The other one is;

"Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health". This is just a social responsibility for each of us to have in mind. I don't want to lose you in this way - keep it cool!

You will also soon realise that Uganda supports the "do not serve alcohol to pregnant women" campaign' - Yes! so that you know, and of course the "Do not sell alcohol to under age" campaign.

Without doubt, you will love the beer here - lots of selection to choose from with different tastes too.

FIND ME HERE TO TELL YOU MORE ABOUT UGANDAN BEER and a bit of the beer vocabulary.

Until then, you take good care of yourselves!

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