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Ugandan History - Takes You Back in Time!

Ugandan history! I have called it startling history now and again - It's amazing to know how such a small country has such rich history full of activity. You could easily get lost into Ugandan history but all said, one needs to see, feel and touch part of that history that still exists.

There is definitely a lot more that you will probably not find here about this history.

But nevertheless;

I will attempt to give a chronological account of it.

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PART 1 - Before Colonization

The original occupants of present day Uganda were hunters/gatherers until about 2500 years ago.

At the time, migration was the order of the day with people looking for fertile land to grow crops while others looked for land to graze cattle.

...And I say, this is where Ugandan history begins- with the migrations, but not me, the historians say so!

The Bantu- speaking people believed to have migrated from Central Africa settled in the southern parts of the country and particularly around the lakes and rivers in search for fertile land. These were mainly farmers but they also brought and developed ironworking skills and new ideas of social and political organisation.

The Empire of Kitara covered most of the lake areas, from Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga to Lake Victoria and its leadership is believed to have been run by the Bachwezi Dynasty in the 14th and 15th century.

The Nilotic Luo invasion led to the collapse of the Bachwezi dynasty in the 16th century, giving birth to the kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole, Busoga and Toro and other chieftains that later settled in present day DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Ugandan history then saw a period of prosperity with the kingdoms organizing themselves into stronger societies.

Present-day Uganda was at the time made up of kingdoms and societies that were led by kings, chiefs and clan leaders.

In the kingdoms, power was exercised by the kings through the chiefs and clan leaders and these kingdoms had developed into small states that at time fought each other for supremacy and expansion of territory.

Through the times and history of Uganda, the Nilotic people including the Luo and the Ateker entered the area from the north probably about A.D 120. They were cattle herders and subsistence farmers who settled mainly in the northern and eastern areas.

Some Luo invaded areas of Bunyoro assimilating with the Bantu there to form the Babito dynasty that later became present day Bunyoro kingdom.

The Ateker (Karimojong and Iteso) settled in the north-eastern and eastern parts of the country and some fused with the Luo to settle in the areas north of Lake kyoga.

Some of the societies that didn't have central leadership include; Langi, Lugbara, Acholi, Karimojong, Bakiga, Iteso, Bagishu, Sebei and various Bantu and Padhola groups of Bukedi.

Land was owned communally under the clan leadership. This state of affair was to change with the arrival of the Foreigners- Colonisation.

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