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Ugandan History;
Part 2 - The Foriegners Arrive

Ugandan History continues here ...

The first foreigners to arrive in Uganda were the Arab traders in 1845,John Hannington Speke arrived in Buganda Kingdom in 1862, followed by Grant in 1865 and by Henry Morton Stanley in 1865.

These Europeans were referred to as 'explorers'- exploring territory for British expansion but also they were searching for the source of the Nile.

This is the milestone in Ugandan history because this is particularly when the draft of this history starts to take shape.

With the help of Stanley, Buganda raided the islands of Buvuma expanding its territory.

At the time, Buganda was also threatened by the spread of Egyptian imperialism and the old rivalry from Bunyoro Kingdom, Mutesa, the King of Buganda, wanted guns to protect and defend his kingdom and his thinking was that the whites would help him with this task.

On March 24th 1876, Kabaka Mutesa I wrote a letter inviting the white man to come to his kingdom.

In his letter Kabaka Mutesa explained that he wanted to be 'friend with the white man'. This letter was published in London in the daily telegraph- making history!

Following this, protestant missionaries entered the country in 1877 and Catholic missionaries in 1879.

The United Kingdom placed the area under the charter of the British East African Company in 1888 and ruled it as a protectorate from 1894.

image placeholder A Ford Model T at the Uganda National Museum

Several other territories - kingdoms and chiefdoms were integrated and the final protectorate called Uganda took shape in 1914.

Uganda takes its name from Buganda which was very influential in its formation at the time.

Fast forward ... And Uganda gained independence on 9th October 1962, maintaining its Commonwealth membership.

... For me, this is when the Nation - Uganda is born and soon after, Ugandan history begins - remember I am no historian and we will differ on this but don't mind my thoughts and opinions! Isn't this history already astonishing?

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