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About my-Uganda.com; Behind the Scene!

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Hi there,

Thank you for visiting this page that tells you about this site and who is behind the scene. Just like you, I am passionate about Uganda and it's my dream in progress that I bring this beautiful country to you.

my-Uganda.com is my second, but ultimately my first website I have worked on passionately and this far.

I was born and grew up in Uganda in the central region district of Mukono in a little village called Njal'egobye - Nsenge in Njeru ; now, that is probably a place you won't even find on google maps and that is if you can even pronounce it!

This passion about Uganda started in 1998. Together with a friend, we run a consultancy firm on language and cross-cultural training and management for over 10 years in Kampala. These were years of great research on Uganda; not just the languages and culture but the entire country. We later expanded our expertise to include information management - broadly about Uganda.

Our work was mainly with the many foreigners/tourists who came to see/visit, work or live in Uganda. It was such a wonderful rich experience meeting people from all over the world - sharing and appreciating the diversity in culture and beliefs. Believe you me; there was a lot that I picked up along the way.

In 2001, with a group of youthful colleagues, we founded SHAPE YOUR WORLD - Uganda; a youth NGO geared towards engaging young people in community development programs through volunteerism. I still enjoy working with them and do consultancy work with them.

I moved on in 2005 to work for an HIV/AIDS organisation that also runs a hospital in Uganda for over 4 years - recruiting volunteers ( both foreign and local) who worked with the organisation, and administering opportunities for medical and social work students from all over the world who came to do their internship and research at the organisation.

In late 2009, it clicked that; I could do something that I am passionate about - sharing information on Uganda. I envisioned a comprehensive online guide about Uganda; Its beauty, the people, the startling history and the second-to-non tourist attractions. And after months of contemplation, my-Uganda.com was rolled out.

My passion drives me and I am working keenly to provide you with an exclusive one-of-a-kind guide about Uganda. I enjoy working over the internet, so my job goes with me everywhere I go.

Interestingly, you might want to know how this has come true? Precisely, this is where it all started. If you're passionate about something - could be anything; likes, hobbies, obsessions, your lifelong interests, you can build a genuine, e-business for life that you will be proud of.

I will be proud to have produced a resource that helps Uganda itself. The People truly are special. And life is as good and simple as you might imagine - of course not white washing every thing but that is my honest opinion.

If you have any suggestions on how I can make my-Uganda.com the best site on the web on this beautiful country, please drop me a line.

Be sure to write or visit Uganda soon! And if I can help in any way to make your visit/stay or move to Uganda pleasant, let me know - I will be more than glad.

My hope is that this website will inspire you and many more to come and see Uganda as a visitor and who knows! - You might fall in love and eventually make that move to be resident. You will find Uganda amazing and I hope you enjoy it.

And as you can tell, this site is a work in progress, so remember to bookmark it, add it to your RSS feed and come back often to read all the updated info-packed pages!


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at my-Uganda.com
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If my work and information is helpful and you like what you read on the site, please consider making a donation to support its development.

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Are you, just like me, Passionate about Uganda? Visit Uganda, you will love it! Until next time... Don't forget to drop me a line!


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