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Advertise on my-Uganda.com

Interested in promoting your business or organization on my-Uganda.com? To advertise on this website can be quite rewarding. There is a selection of choices, that will suit your budget.

Site details:

my-Uganda.com is a comprehensive online guide that offers tips, information, maps, facts and reviews about Uganda; its people, culture, politics, vacation, cuisine and lots more ... It's dedicated to delivering this beautiful country to the world - giving free interactive information.

The site was created in September 2011, and targets people just like you who are passionate and enthusiastic about and have interest in Uganda worldwide.

Therefore, if your business is related to travel/leisure, real estate, investment, banking, opportunities, ... name it, about Uganda, choosing to advertise on my-Uganda.com is certainly right for you.

Why Advertise on my-Uganda.com?:

In the past 12 months approximately 35% of visitors to my-Uganda.com were from the United States. The remaining 65% was fairly and evenly distributed worldwide from countries like; Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan, India, France, South Africa, Uganda and more ...

... Undoubtedly times have changed - Nearly Everyone these days Researches Their Ugandan Vacation and Business prospects Online.

my-Uganda.com attracts mid-to-high-end travellers who are either new to Uganda or who are long-term Uganda lovers. Its reach is more globally distributed, extending your market penetration into America, Asia, Africa and various European countries.

Given the scarcity of offline information specifically about Uganda, nearly every prospective visitor to Uganda uses the Web and finds my-Uganda.com (many first discover Uganda through this site since it is found for many "searches on Uganda" such as "Ugandan Vacation", "Camping in Uganda", "Ugandan business" and more ... at Google search).

This site "patiently" waits, ready to reach your future customer when s/he does pre-visit Web research, whether it's in December ( for Xmas) or in August (many research during the summer for their winter getaway).

The following graph by Google Insights shows that prospective visitors research Uganda year-round...

Click here to see an updated graph.

my-Uganda.com has the power to reach those highly-targeted customers, and more of them, 24x7x52. It takes persistent, recurring, and positive exposure by a trusted authority like this website, that shares the passion to deliver the results that your advertising dollars have long sought....

... And here is the interesting bit; my-Uganda.com Reaches Your Customer Well Before They Travel ...

It connects with readers before they book a flight, hotel, rental car, etc. They find this website at the start of researching their next vacation, hunting for tips, thinking through their prospective Ugandan business investment, jobs in Uganda, recommendations and more ...

... Precisely, These are the visitors that you want. You can quite easily reach them exclusively, giving you a strong edge over your direct competitors when you advertise with my-Uganda.com.

As you consider to advertise with us, please note;

This is not a "commercial" website, so there are few opportunities. my-Uganda.com seeks a small number of quality partners, on an exclusive basis, who want to create win-win-win (your brand-visitor-my-Uganda.com) promotional partnerships.

Why is my-Uganda.com limiting the opportunities? The philosophy simply remains...

"Never lose what my-Uganda.com is all about ... a delusion to create an exclusive online guide about Uganda... dedicated to delivering this beautiful country to the world through giving free interactive information."

Here are the options to advertise on my-Uganda.com;

1. Free or very low cost promotion

Participate in the site! Share your wonderful Ugandan memories - your story and / or pictures ... And if you run a facility or own a business in Uganda, you can talk more about it (including placing a link to your website) - the easy and free way to publicize on my-Uganda.com.

Post your best Uganda Recipe here (an opportunity for local hotels/restaurants!) Sign your name and mention your business! Event listings get a free live link to the event page. Such an easy way to advertise!

2. Paid Advertising

Site Sponsorship (limited opportunities)

my-Uganda.com is accepting a limited number of sponsorships on an exclusive basis. You must truly have an excellent product or service. my-Uganda.com will not work with a company that would result in visitors having a sub-par experience.

These site sponsorship opportunities are only exclusive to those who wish to advertise on the i-Uganda home page.

Site-wide Advertising

Ads will appear on all public pages except the home page and as will be advised .

* * * * * * * * * *

Together, we can build a program that...

~ brands your business and ...

~ markets your product straight to your prospective clientele.

Interested? See advertising rates here...

If my work and information is helpful and you like what you read on the site, please consider making a donation to support its development.

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