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Bwindi National Park Facts;

This page provides an overview of the park. A Snapshot; information you ought to know - The Bwindi National Park Facts.

You will find information on;

The Size, location and Management.

Climate, Weather and Vegetation.

Habitats and Nature.

Bakiga and Batwa Pygmy Cultures.

Bwindi National Park facts - Size, location and Management

Bwindi on the Map

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  • Found in the south - west of Uganda, about 540km from the Capital - Kampala. Bwindi National Park is without doubt well known for its exceptional biodiversity; with over 160 tree species, the birds and butterflies, with quite a number of endangered primates including the famous gorillas.
  • This place was first set up as the Bwindi impenetrable forest reserve in 1942, it was later gazetted as a National Park in 1991 to protect the gorillas that were fast becoming an endangered species. Bwindi is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Uganda since 1994.
  • Just like the rest, the Park is run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)- a government body that governs National Parks in Uganda.
  • At 321sq kms, with an altitude range of 1,160m - 2,607m above sea level, Bwindi is one of the smallest national parks in Uganda ... but just to give you the bigger picture; this forest is believed to be a mere remnant of a very large forest which once covered much of western Uganda, extending into Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo - such is the systematic destruction of mother nature by the works of man!
  • Bwindi National Park facts - Climate, Weather and Vegetation;

  • This place has a tropical climate with average temperatures ranging between 7°C - 21°C and can go up to a maximum of about 27°C.
  • The rains come in March to May and September to November ... and with the kind of hilly terrain and vegetation, it gets really wet here.
  • The vegetation here is scrabbled - a mix of everything; It is recognised as the most diverse forest in the region, perhaps even throughout Africa for tree species (over 160 recorded) and ferns. The forest is quite dense - 'impenetrable' says it all, with a rich cover of herbs, vines and shrubs. Sections of the terrain are steep and slippery.
  • Bwindi National Park facts - Habitats and Nature.

  • This place is a show case of the richness of Ugandan wildlife. It is habitant to over 200 species of butterflies - I have never seen that many different kinds, do your count ... and hosts a number of endangered species including almost half of the world's mountain gorilla population (about 340), bushbucks, black and white colombus, red tailed monkey and more ...
  • Bird lovers/watchers will have a 'walk in the park' with over 340 species to see. And don't forget the unique vegetation here - Oh boy! you will gladly have a memorable Ugandan vacation in Bwindi. Don't you forget that camera! Those 'kodak moments' will be precious.
  • Bwindi National Park facts - Bakiga and Batwa Pygmy Cultures.

  • The Bakiga and the Batwa pygmies make up the communities that live outside the boundaries of the park. The Batwa pygmies in particular are a unique indigenous small community of about 800 people who have for hundreds of years lived in the forest. Their culture and norms are very much fond of the Bwindi forest.
  • ... but until recently in 1991, after Bwindi was gazetted as a national park, the Batwa have been displaced - forced to move out of the forest to the boundaries of the park leaving majority of them in extreme poverty. This move was a deliberate effort by government to protect the endangered mountain gorillas.
  • The Bakiga are mainly agriculturalists who grow a lot of sorghum, peas, millet and vegetables. Their cultural dance is charming - you will love it! It's with such energy and vigour ... You will certainly have chance to interact with these community and learn more about the lives and culture.
  • Fun facts;

    Did you know that;

  • 'Bwindi' literally means 'Impenetrable'
  • Bwindi is the source of five major rivers which flow into Lake Edward.
  • Bwindi Impenetrable Park is a recognised unique biodiversity hotspot with presumably the highest number of tree species in the region if not Africa at large.
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