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Camping in Mabira

by Herbert Opio
(Kampala, Uganda)

I've never understood why many Ugandans are afraid to venture into Mabira Forest, never mind driving past. I guess it has to do with the stories of people killed and dumped in there in throughout our turbulent past. And the questions i get about the wildlife there are downright hilarious. "Are there lions?", "Are there crocodiles?"

I camped at Griffins Falls 2yrs ago with a young family and they loved it. We went on a late walk to the falls and got lost. We meandered for 2hrs, and got back to camp, finally at about 8:30pm. Anguish later turned to laughter and merrymaking.

In March this year, I walked the entire roadside length of the forest and camped almost halfway through. Amid talk of leopards, civet cats and small antelopes, and surrounded by a myriad primate species, camping was inexpensive and exhilarating and should be done by all.

First Visited 2013.
Last Visit: March 2015.

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