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Cornmeal – otherwise known as Posho, Ugali, Kawunga etc

Cornmeal otherwise known as ‘posho’ by many in Uganda is very much the house hold meal in the country, in the East African region and probably even beyond and could quite easily pass as the region’s staple food.

It is rich in carbohydrates and therefore a good source of energy - the very likely reason many love it.

It is made from corn/ maize flour cooked with water to a consistent white smooth mash that is served with a beef stew or vegetable broth.

For majority of Ugandans, it is served as the main meal but could also be part of a buffet.

The same flour can also be used to prepare corn porridge that is much loved by the school going kids.

Preparation: 20 - 25 minutes

Serves: About 4 / 5

300 grams of corn/ maize flour.
1 litre of water.

Boil the water separately, preferably in an electric jug. Once ready,
Place a cooking pot over moderate heat and pour about ½ a litre of the boiled hot water into the pot.

Add the corn flour, mixing constantly with a cooking spoon (preferably wooden), making sure all the flour is thoroughly mixed with the water to give a consistent paste. (you will require a considerable amount of energy to do this.)

Make sure the paste is beautifully moulding into a thick mash. Carefully and gradually adding the hot water at intervals, continue mixing to avoid leaving any chunks of flour.

Avoid putting all the water at once, lest it turns out to be so watery, losing the thick consistency you want.

Give 30 seconds intervals while you let the mash absorb heat as you turn it over.

Continue mixing and turning as it builds into a bread and once it consistently sticks together (to check this, see how easily the posho comes off the cooking spoon to stick together), reduce the heat cover and simmer for about 1 minute as it gets firm.

At this point, the posho is ready to serve but you can choose to steam it further in banana leaves to give it a good tasty flavor.

Serve with a beef stew, vegetable broth or any other sauce of your choice. It's quite yummy with a seasoned fresh tilapia fish from Lake Victoria.

Note; the same method is used to prepare millet bread (made from millet flour).

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Nov 07, 2015
I am doing a report
by: Danica Bačić

I am doing a report on this subject. Your article is full of really useful information. I will make sure to come back to check out your posts for my next report. Cheers

Jan 12, 2013
Posho is the "cheap" staple
by: Ositachef

Ha ha ha, the school children that I met do NOT love posho! They get it twice a day with beans, and gag on it. I was told by two school directors, "No one likes posho, but it is the cheapest way to feed this many kids"

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