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Entebbe Airport - More Useful Information and Advice

This Page tells you a little bit more about Entebbe Airport; what to expect, a bit of advice and more ...

If you are travelling to Uganda, you will soon realise that Entebbe is a lovely and welcoming place to fly to or from. You will be pleased to know also that Entebbe Airport operates 24 hours - all year round!

Arrivals, Departures and Help;

Flight Information Display boards and Customer Care Desks are conveniently located in the passenger terminal building. For any further detailed information, you are safe contacting; the airlines offices or visiting their websites, the passenger handling companies or the customer care desk.

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For Departures, the check-in area is located on the departures floor and here you can find the offices of the different airlines. Again for more information on the departure times, Here is the current time table;

Go to; Entebbe Airport - Current Departures

Passengers are required to present a valid passport or travel document and a filled out embarkation card to the immigration officer. Once the officer has ascertained that you have duly filled the card and have the relevant Visa, the Passport and card are duly stamped and the passport returned to you.

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For Arrivals, once your passport has been checked and stamped, you will land at the arrivals hall. There is a meeting point located just outside the arrivals hall on the ground floor - for any relatives, friends and pick-ups that will be waiting for you. This also doubles as the waiting area for departures. Here is the current Arrival time table;

Go to; Entebbe Airport - Current Arrivals

For Your Info;

For starters, be sure to have fulfilled all the immigration nitty-gritty's; valid passport, the right visa and all set to go.

Please ensure that your home address and contact are put inside the baggage - for security reasons, and only the name and destination on the outside.

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Your suitcases should be locked - purely for safety reasons. Thievery could happen any where in the world and Uganda is no exception. For secured and protected baggage, a quick-wrap-fly service is available at the departures/check in area. This may cost you about $4 a piece.

At all the stages, look out for airport staff if you require any help. They are are on hand to provide that needed information or service.

Misconnected and lost baggage will be reported to the Ground-Handling Company office at the Arrival hall or the airline offices of the flight you used. For items lost while at the airport, please check with the Aviation Security Office located on the Departures floor.

If you needed to keep your laggage at the airport for say 2 weeks while you do other things, there are lockers at the arrivals hall. On whether you will find one available any time - I can't be certain because they are not that many. Bset is to find out from the airport staff.

... And if you are lucky to get your hands on one, be sure to clearly understand what the security for your property will be - Find out if it is safe to leave your suitcase ... and sometimes the locks on the lockers are brocken - please check! before you leave your items. My advice would be that you don't leave your valuables there.

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Worst-case senerio - God forbid! If you need to trace your baggage, the baggage tracing office is at Arrivals - Baggage Claim Area on the ground floor. It is open 24 hours.

There is a VIP lounge which is a government facility used by government officials and the diplomatic community. However, prior application and clearance to access the facility must be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign affairs for special cases.

Facilities at Entebbe Airport

Lifts, ramps, wheelchairs and covered walkways are available for passengers with special needs. Also check with the Customer Care desk for assistance.

Unfortunately, there are no child/baby facilities at the Airport at the moment however this has been planned for in the further development of the airport.

The walk way to the taxi ramp is a little challenging especially if you have to push the luggage cart over uneven ground - be prepared! On your way back, you will go through the same but get to a stairway where the laggage must be carried upstairs - quite a pain! You could ask one of the readily available luggage handlers to assist you.

On the positive, if you love your internet, the WIFI works quite well at Entebbe Airport.

... And here are some usefull numbers - just in case;

Customs Tel: +256 (0) 41 43533596
Entebbe International Airport - Tel: +256 (0) 41 43530000
Information Desk: Ext 3323 / 3233
Flight Information - Tel: +256 (0) 41 4320926
Police Tel: +256 (0) 41 4321901

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