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Entebbe International Airport (EBB) - Uganda's Gateway to the World

Entebbe International Airport (EBB) is the principal international airport of Uganda and currently handles over a million arrivals a year.

There are two terminals. Terminal one (built in the late '70s together with the runway) serves scheduled, International and Domestic Passenger and Cargo Airlines.

Terminal two (East Port) at the Old Airport is currently used only by ad hoc operators - for relief and emergencies, and the military.

Location and Climate

Often described as the 'airport at the equator', Entebbe International Airport is elevated 3782 feet above sea level. It is located near Entebbe town on the shores of Lake Victoria and about 35km (22 miles) from the capital, Kampala.

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Entebbe has a tropical climate all year round, with temperatures ranging between 17 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Hours of Operation

The Airport never sleeps. Its open 24/7 for 356 days a year.

Airlines at Entebbe Airport;

Uganda has Bilateral Air Service Agreements with several countries. Over the years, with economic growth and stability, we have seen more and more international Airlines that have scheduled operations to and fro Entebbe International Airport. These run regular flights to different destinations in the world and with connection all over the world.

You can find the full list on the entebbe airport website ...

  • Airlines at Entebbe
  • Some of them operate local flights between Entebbe International Airport and the other airports and airfields in Uganda.

    See tips and ideas on how to find cheap flights to Uganda here.

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    Entebbe Airport Time Tables

    Here are the links to the current time tables for both Departures and arrivals ...

  • Entebbe Airport - Current Arrivals

  • Entebbe Airport - Current Departures
  • Getting to and from Entebbe International Airport;

    Entebbe International Airport is not well-serviced and easily accessible by public transport... but you can quite easily take a taxi. These are on standby 24/7. Look out for the yellow band taxis. Each has an identification number and inscription 'AIRPORT TAXI' in black letters - take note of this number for reference in case you need to find them again.

    Entebbe town is just about 3 miles away. From here you can access public transport - no trains!. Otherwise, the airport taxi will get you to Kampala in about 45 minutes.

    In Kampala, the taxis will have a black dotted band printed around them (with these, take note of the registration number). They are commonly known as 'Special hire' taxis

    Again these should get you to the airport in just under 45 minutes - there might be delays on the road in some sections of the journey and therefore worth giving an allowance of an hour extra. 1 hour and 45 minute should comfortably and happily get you to the airport in time for your check-in time.

    A taxi will cost you about US $ 25 for the one way journey. See more here; from your Frequently Asked Questions.

    The Public Cummuter Vans/Taxis and Buses.

    These are another experience you might want to try. Unfortunately, they have no access to the Airport. You can only find them in Entebbe town. On your way back, they will get you to Entebbe town from where you can take the airport taxi.

    And by the way, talking about Entebbe town; it's a lovely little town blossoming with good modern accommodation, facilities and lovely places you might want to see before you leave Uganda or just when you arrive. Read more about the town here;

    My word on the public vans/taxis and buses; these can be pocket friendly but unreliable at times especially if you are running out of time to catch your flight. You will be pleased to know that they are definitely cheaper than the 'Special Hire' taxis particularly if you don't have big luggage ... but that little saving might not be worth the hassle of trying to be in time for your flight. Make sure you have a enough time to spare!

    If your flight is at night, just do without these because they get even more unreliable; 1. For security and safety reasons but also, 2. They might not be available after 9pm.

    To avoid the mess, take them before 6pm - that is if you really have to - make sure you have enough time between then and your flight.

    The alternative could be; asking a friend to drop you off, if that is OK with them but they can also be unreliable at times - TRUE! Best option; 'special hire' taxi!

    If you are using the tour and travel agencies, they should be able to provide this service but please find out before you make your travel plans. These agencies also have handy information for travellers.

    If you wish to rent a car, you can find information at the car rental desk on arrivals.

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    Last Minute Shopping;

    There are several boutiques and duty free shops at the airport for that last minute souvenir. A supermarket will be at hand for you to park some on-board snacks. Some of these may take credit cards but rather you have some loose change just in case they don't.

    There are also internet cafes to help you pass time before boarding or while you wait for your pick-up.

    Various banks have now opened branches at the airport with ATM facilities, international banking and money transfers.

    The telecommunication companies have got call centres at the airport and they will take care of that quick call, simpacks, pay-as-you-go cell phone and your other communication needs and advice.

    Finding Food and drinks;

    For your pre-flight meal or have you had enough of the meals served on the plane and you are looking for something refreshing; some thing Ugandan? Why not try out the Crane Cafeteria at the waiting lounge - they do a variety of quick meals and its open 24/7.

    The Transit Restaurant on the second floor offers continental breakfast, traditional and ala Carte menu - it is open 0800 - 2300 hrs. Or better still, The Voyager Restaurant/bar on the ground and first floor will give you that wonderful view of Lake Victoria with the gently rolling hills in the back ground. It's the ideal place to spend that quality time with relative and friends before you board. The bar section is open 24/7.

    Entebbe International Airport has designated Smoking areas - look out for the signs!

    ... And here is more useful Airport information you might also want to know.

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    Fun Facts;

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    You will be glad to know that; Uganda is known for its pineapples; sweet, juicy and mouth watering - Try them!

    And don't be surprised; peanuts are called ground nuts - hmmm!

    Did you know;

    ... that Entebbe International Airport (old terminal) is famous for the counter tourist hostage-rescue mission carried out by the Israel defence forces in 1976 to rescue 248 passengers aboard Air France that had been hijacked by Palestinian and German terrorists and flown to Entebbe? The mission was called 'operation Entebbe' / 'operation thunderbolt'.

    Look out for the movie - Ninety minutes at Entebbe

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