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Entebbe Town - The Town That Will Warmly Receive You.

Along the shores of the mighty Lake Victoria, just south of Kampala, is Entebbe town. And as the name suggests; 'entebbe' is Luganda for 'seat' (Luganda is the language spoken in the central region of Uganda), the town was at one time the seat of the administration of the protectorate of Uganda under the colonial rule. It is found in Wakiso district in the central region.

Life is relatively quiet here in this little town, save for its busy air space because of its proximity to the country's major International Airport, which is our gateway to the rest of the world.

It also hosts the military airport (best known for that famous film; '90 minutes at Entebbe', which is incidentally based on a true story that saw the dramatics rescue of 100 Israelites that had been taken hostage in 1976).

Entebbe - Top Areas of Interest;

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If you are coming into the country through the VIP section, a nice start would be a trip to the State house - shh! ... but only with special invitation. This town is the official home to the President of Uganda.

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The town is known for its calmness and beauty - probably cutting the first impression of Uganda, which will certainly last as you start your journey into exploring the Pearl of Africa. You will find the lovely botanical gardens that are a wonderful place to relax. They will usher you into the greenery (flora) that is quiet refreshing.

This town is also famous for its beach party mood - celebrations and events will denote the weekends. Along the shores of Lake Victoria are wonderful beaches that many visit for festivals and get togethers. Been to a wedding party on the beach? Hmm ... bless yourself because once you are here you will be more than ever close to an invitation.

It boasts of wonderful hotels and restaurants that will give you the kind of atmosphere you need to cool off from the 10+ hours of jet lag. Nice accommodation too with swimming pool and for those that fancy a game of golf, the golf club is just a few minutes down the road.

If you are planning to stay for a few nights;

Why not do a quick check on the hotel prices today,

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The nightlife here is probably second to the capital but if you can't be in Kampala, you will certainly love the bars and night clubs here. Vivacious, will be an understatement, why don't you just get there? - I seriously recommend them (you perhaps won't even miss that famous Irish pub back home)... and those cold refreshing Ugandan beers will go down well with a Ugandan style barbeque done on an open fire stove - hmm yummy!

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... And some thing special for the kids to remember - coming face to face with a Ugandan lion and croc, the Zoo(now called The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre) is just next door. Take a walk and you will have a lovely time there. And if you don't mind taking your first Ugandan boat ride, take a trip to the Ngamba Island and have fun with the chimps at the sanctuary.

One last this! - Some survival phrases in luganda (language spoken in the central region) will do you good as you go about life in this town.

This town has lots of fun that awaits you - I guess it isn't all that quiet after all!

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Entebbe Location

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Facts & Figures

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Name; Entebbe
Region; Central Uganda
Population; ~ 80,000
Phone Code; (+256) 042
Lingo; Luganda (local)

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