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Extending My Visa

by Kimberly


I am a Canadian citizen currently in Uganda. I have a three month tourist visa. Is it possible to extend this visa? If so, how do I do this and for how long can I extend it?

Thank you for your time.

Best regards



Hi Kimberly,

It is possible to extend your Visa - this you must do before the expiry of your current visa period (i.e. the three months as you mentioned).

You can do this at the Immigration Headquarters in Kampala or if you are upcountry, you can check with the Immigration regional offices who will ably advise if they can't do it.

... And I am afraid the extension may not exceed 6 months save for nationals from the East African Community (EAC).

What is important is that you do it early to avoid any fines and getting into trouble with the authorities.

Hope this helps.


at my-Uganda.com

Comments for Extending My Visa

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Extending My Visa - Cont' (11th June 2013)
by: Kim

Thanks so much Robert.



Extending My Visa - Cont' (10th June 2013)
by: Robert (my-Uganda.com)

Hi Kim,

The six months extension will not include the first three as long as you have not over stayed your first three.

It will cost you in the region of $100 to $150. Precisely $100 but just in case this figure has been revised as I write this.

... And tentatively this is what you will require;

1. Fill extension of visitor’s pass form
2. Attach Covering letter from applicant or host if applicable
3. Attach immigration status of host (if applicable)
4. Attach Copy of confirmed return air- ticket
5. Attach Copy of passport/travel document
6. Provide Original passport for endorsement.

(The information above is as advised by the Immigration department - Ministry of Internal Affairs, Uganda)

Also note that during your stay, you should/ must comply with immigration legislation and other national laws of the country for you to stand a chance of extending your Visa.

Yes! Your return air ticket will be vital in your application.


at my-Uganda.com

Extending My Visa - Cont'
by: Kim

Thanks so much Robert. Really appreciate it. Three more quick questions:

1. Is the six month period including the first three months that my tourist visa would have allowed? (i.e. my total time will be six months?) Or is it six months in addition to my first 3 months (i.e. total time is 9 months)?
2. Do you know how much it costs?
3. Do you know if I need a return airplane ticket or proof of my exit from the country?

Thanks for your time - it is tricky figuring this out!



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