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Fort Portal is a Serene, Fast Growing Tourism Town in Uganda

Fort Portal will certainly keep you captivated - the thing about this western town is that; it grows on you and you very soon feel like a local. Living here is a charm that comes with calmness that lets you enjoy that natural beauty.

This town has such a unique position; sandwiched between Mountain Rwenzori and 3 National Parks, it is very much part of Uganda's Vision 2040 - to transform it into a modern tourist city. ).

Fort Portal - Top Areas of Interest;

Fort Portal Map     

Exploring this town and its surroundings is refreshing - Believe you, me, for that splendid Ugandan Vacation, slot it into your plan and you will love it! It has just enough to keep you engrossed for the better part of your stay.

... And once the rubber hits the road, your first stop could be the 'Amabeere' caves - which literally translates as 'breasts', tucked away in a forest next to a waterfalls. These breast like rock features that hang from the roof and sides of the caves and constantly drip water are an astonishing trait.

image placeholder Photo by; Dave Proffer

image placeholder King Oyo's Palace - Photo by; Dave Proffer

The geographers say these are stalagmites and stalactites formed from calcium salts deposited by the dripping water ... and do you really believe that? Here is something to ponder about;

These rocks hold strong cultural values to the local community here. They are believed to be the breasts of the legendary princess - Nyinamwiru ... and that is just to tell you that some History awaits you. You will hear lots of fabulous stories! Mystery and mythology that dates back to the Chwezi dynasty in the 13th Century.

King Oyo's palace clearly stands out. Check it out and get to know the history of the Tooro kingdom. 'conquer the hills' as the locals put it - you've got to walk there and have a feel of this beautiful place. The norms and culture of the Tooro kingdom have got quite an influence on the way of life of this town ... and you will see why the people love their King and the kingdom.

The gentle rolling hills will give you an amazing view of the land far and beyond - amazing scenes to take home with you on your kodak! The lava dammed lakes like lake Kigere, the waterfalls, the calderas and more, are incredibly breath taking views.

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

Explore the famous Virika Cathedral - built in the '60s; this amazing structure was built with precision. The locals will tell you that it would stand an earth quake of 8.0 on the rector scale - it's such an architectural marvel!

When you need a break, drive down to Kyaninga, about 8km from Fort Portal town. It's such a lovely place to relax - quite ideal for honeymoon! Planning to get married in Uganda? This place has got a charm about it ... local residents will tell you that if you are planning to divorce, don't visit Kyaninga with your spouse, lest you will fall in love again!

Back in town, take a stroll, catch the sights and sounds of Fort Portal as you watch the population go about their business. The new trend depicts this place as a town on the move. Very clean town - by any Ugandan standards and the people are warm and welcoming.

If you prefer to browse the quaint souvenir shops selling local goods and crafts, there is plenty of that . The way side restaurants will have their magic on you as well - lots of local cuisine and the beers.

Fun Fact;

Did you know that;

Fort Portal derives its name from a British military officer - Sir Gerald Portal whose statue stands overlooking the town. Strangely, he never stepped foot on this town - but there you go, find out more when you visit ...

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Fort Portal Location

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Facts & Figures

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Name; Fort Portal
Region; Western Uganda
Population; ~ 50,000
Phone Code; (+256) 0483
Lingo; Rutooro (local)

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