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Parking Your Bags for the National Game Parks in Uganda

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Preparing and packing your bags to visit the game parks in Uganda can be frustrating but rather exciting too. The bit of not knowing what to put in your bag is what many dread.

I really love the light travellers ... save for the fact that I have never really mastered their trick - my wife is even worse at light travelling! ... But the trick about having that memorable Ugandan safari is to bring only the most important.

The most frequent question I get is; What can I bring with me for the Game Parks in Uganda? Or rather one needs hepl with packing bags for safari.

Please note that what you read on this page is only a guide - nothing cast in stone!

image placeholder Sunset in Bwindi - Photo by; Martijn.Munneke

For starters, If you are doing this with a group of friends / family, find yourselves a good 4-by-4 (4 wheel drive car), get your tent and its accessories ready - that is if you are doing some camping. Here is more about camping in Uganda ...

... And for your bag; put that camera first - you don't want to miss out on those wonderful 'kodak moments'. Have lots of films or memory cards and make sure you have enough batteries to last you through. The binoculars will come in handy.

Here is my little advise - charge your camera and phone at every opportunity - sounds like common sense ... don't be caught out! Charge at night in your hotel room, at the coffee shop if you are having a log wait, in the car ... etc. Have some waterproof bags to safeguard the cameras and any other durable equipment from the wet weather.

Hiking boots, lightweight raincoat is recommended. And talk about weather and climate of the game parks in Uganda; Quite often, especially in the mornings and late evenings it will feel cold - I know I will get mixed reactions here but listen, 'forewarned is forearmed' ... so they say! Bring some warm clothing - a warm jacket will do. And if you can pack some light weight wellies - be ready to get wet sometimes ....

Depending on which park you visit, it does get hot in the day - you are looking at temperature of about 28/32°C. You will therefore need plenty of water to drink on your trek. Have some sun cream, a sun hat and sun glasses.

The rest is pretty much stuff you think you can't do without - a few sweets and snacks will come in handy.

And for your health, if you are on continued treatment that requires repeat prescription, please have enough to see you through. You will not get chance to replenish ... and as some of medicines might be difficult to find in this part of the world.

Some extra bit of caution - if you like, have you done your health insurance cover? And if you need to do any Ugandan bookings on the go ... for the game parks in Uganda, car hire, hotels, flights, ... etcetera ... do it well in time.

... And please make sure you do all the necessary medical checks before you travel - seek expert advice on travelling to Uganda and take any recommended vaccines ... best place to look for such information is at the doctor's , your country's foreign office and / or your country's embassy in Uganda.

Hmmm! ... just thinking - Are you doing any Hiking at all? Here is some useful information about Mountain Climbing in Uganda.

You can also catch-up on all the latest Questions and Answers about Uganda here and if there is something still not clear about game parks in Uganda, feel free to drop me a line here ...

Have yourselves a lovely Ugandan Safari ... 'Safari njema' that's some bit of Swahili for you or 'bon voyage' for the French ...

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