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Getting taxi from Entebbe Airport in the very early morning to Kampala

by Paul Scott
(Essex, UK)


My name is Paul Scott. I and my wife Laura will be down in Uganda for a one week I-cannot-wait holiday.

We are getting to Entebbe Airport on May 16th 2012 from Essex, UK around 4AM.

Initially we shall stay at the Niagara hotel near Kampala before we set off to see the gorillas.

Is it easy to get a taxi at the airport to go to the hotel at the time we arrive?

And how much is the right fare from Entebbe airport to the hotel?

I assume that there are some taxi drivers who think of foreign tourists as an ATM card.

Thank you. We are very much looking forward to this trip.


Hi Paul,

You will be pleased to know that ‘airport taxis’ as they are commonly known in Uganda, are always available when a flight arrives. You won’t have any problem finding one, as there will likely be several waiting outside.

I will assume that you are going to the Niagara hotel along Entebbe road which is close to Kampala. This should take you just under 45 minutes from the airport.

So the fares should be in the region of $25/$30 but you can negotiate the fare before you get in the cab. Under no circumstance should you pay more than $30.

If you are using a tour agency for your gorilla expedition, find out if they can also provide this initial service. Many do at no extra cost as a bonus to your package – they will call it free airport pickups.

Alternatively, also find out if Niagara hotel does have a shuttle. Assuming that you have made hotel reservations with them, ask them if they could provide this as a concession otherwise, the cost of using their shuttle should be much less than $30.

Hope this helps.

at my-Uganda.com

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Taxi fares less when combined at once
by: David M


Its true the fare is always in the region of 25$-30$ which is about 80,000ugx-100,000ugx but the hotel shuttles most of the time are hired separately and its about 50$ or there about.

However if you are using a taxi and have several places to go to, the taxi driver will consider that opportunity of an assured job and give you a much better price.

That's my work!thanks.

Getting a taxi from Entebbe Airport
by: jimmy ebil

It is under $30 and yes about 30 minutes to the Naigara hotel just along Entebbe-Kampala road...just remember to ask for the name of the taxi driver, mobile phone number and if you can mark its number plate...just in case you forget some of your luggage in it.

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