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Getting to Kampala is Quite Easy By All Means!

It was erroneous for me to even have thought that getting to Kampala should be easy. I didn't consider writing about it initially but I am not surprised any more that it's one of those questions that keep coming up.

Alright then,.....How does one get to Kampala - Uganda's Capital?

When you want to visit Kampala there are many ways to get here ... and I would say by all means - really! Let's explore;

By Air

As opposed to many cities the world over, Kampala does not have an airport and therefore no direct flights to Kampala. You will have to fly into Entebbe International Airport (EBB) - which is Uganda's getaway to the world by air, and then get to Kampala by road. Entebbe is about 37km (23 miles) southwest of Kampala, which should take you about 45 minutes - put it to 1 hour with the unpredictable traffic on the way.

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There are cheap flights to Entebbe from all over the world daily.

Getting to Kampala by air is quite limited to that 'am afraid; much as you might also still come into the country from our next door neighbours through the other smaller airports, most of which only handle local in-land flights with exception of a few that handle cross-nation flights to and from the neighbouring countries.

Depending on what you will be doing in Uganda, if you are flying into one of the local airports, you might want to take an extra local connection flight into Entebbe and take the 45 minutes drive into Kampala or take the longer option of about 2 to 5 hours drive to Kampala from the other airports - depending on which.

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The road from Entebbe to Kampala is quite good and with normal traffic, getting to Kampala should be just about 45 minutes - plus or minus for the traffic, you should comfortably get there in just under an hour. If it's your first visit to Uganda, you will find it such a scenic drive into the city.

If you have had one of those long seemingly never ending flights and been yarning for your final destination, you could consider having a rest to cool off the jet lag in one of the excellent hotels in Entebbe town before heading to Kampala.

There are many services for you to take advantage of on your arrival at Entebbe International Airport. From car rentals, taxis, shuttle services, banking, communication services, shopping, restaurants to major hotels - therefore, no need to worry!

By Sea

Uganda is a landlocked country and therefore not quite easily accessed by sea. Depending on where you are coming from, access by water (for that matter) will either be via Kenya or Tanzania on the waters of Lake Victoria and taking the long drive or bus ride to Kampala.

For the adventurous travellers, this could definitely be a memorable way to get to Kampala. Your reward will be all the magnificent scenery along the way.

Better still, you could easily take a connection flight from Kenya or Tanzania to Entebbe and get to Kampala by road.

The good news is; getting to Kampala by cruise vessels on Lake Victoria from Mwanza (Tanzania) to Luzira (one of the suburbs of Kampala) is possible.

Aboard MV Kaawa, the newly refurbished and re-commissioned vessel, one can gracefully enjoy the waters and scenery of the mighty Victoria. Word going round is that very soon MV Kabalega and MV Pamba that were grounded a few years ago will be operational again, making good use of the water connections.

By Land

Getting to Kampala is a road trip either driving by car, taking a taxi or bus. All said, this is the most frequently used means - from where ever you are in the country

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The roads are relatively good, depending on where you are travelling from. They might certainly not be what you are used to in terms of size - the highways are single carriage ways with no walkways and if you will be driving in Uganda, it is best to observe the recommended speed limit and taking into account all other road users and traffic conventions.

... And by train? dream on! I hope you were not looking down the page to see when I would talk about this. I am afraid we've got no passenger trains running (only cargo at the moment). There is a lot of talk about reviving it ... but it's all talk! You've got to stick to and live with the ones above.

Let me know if you've lost your way - such can be Kampala travel, afterall, it's not as easy as I initially thought especially travelling in Kampala. Have a lovely journey. I should hopefully see you some time in Kampala!

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Kampala Location

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Facts & Figures

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Name; Kampala Capital City
Region; Central Uganda
Population; ~ 1.7 Million
Phone Code; (+256) 041
Lingo; Luganda (local)

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