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Internet Cafes in Uganda

by Valerie T
(Miami, Florida)

Hi Robert,
Are there any internet cafes?

I will be in Uganda soon and I don't want to lug my Mac Book Pro around if I don't have to.

Would prefer to travel light and just use a computer in an internet cafe if they exist.

Could I use my iphone internet capabilities in Kampala? I know that the phone would not work but what about the internet part?

Valerie T


Hi Valerie,

Great questions!

Depending on where you will be, there are many internet cafes in Kampala and the other big towns. The very rural areas will be a different story – but I wouldn’t be surprised if one got connection there especially with the GPRS and 3G broadband network that the telecommunication companies have spread.

The speed is probably not what you would get in the US but its much faster than it used to be a few years ago. The speed is fast enough for downloads, emails and any data transfers that you may want to do. You are looking at about 10GB!

Kampala is one of the few cities in Africa that is now connected to the global broadband network. The keyboards are in English as every thing else – which I guess should make life a lot easier for you.

You may still want to haul your MacBook around with you. Many hotels and some restaurants, bars and hostels offer wifi, or at least a computer with internet access.

The wireless part of the iPhone will work fine here. And you might want to consider roaming but if you're planning on moving here, you can also have it unlocked then buy a sim card from one of the networks here.

They will offer you at least 10mb of internet on your mobile phone (you could have more...) – just enough to receive and check your emails. You could also buy the 3G/2G modem from any of the networks here if you will need more access to the internet.

The 3G dongles have also become very popular and you can easily get them from the different networks.

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