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Internet facilities in Kampala.

by Max

Hi there,

Great website full of useful information.

Something I could not find is information about facilities allowing citizens to surf the internet (i.e. Internet cafes, public library and so forth).

A friend of mine lives in Kampala and reports to me that it is difficult to find a place where we can have video calls.

Would you be able to assist suggesting facilities offering this service?

Thanking you in advance for your kind reply.



Hi Max,

Thanks for your comment and observation.

On the internet facilities; there is some general information here that I thought would be useful to you - just in case you plan to travel to Uganda (perhaps not the sort of information that your friend would be interested in now)

... I wonder where your friend could be looking! Particularly in Kampala, there is variety to choose from ... and there are quite some good internet facilities that could allow you to do video calls. Across the city, the quality of service, connection (internet speed) and the cost may vary but certainly there is something of quality out there.

Below is a selection of a few good ones and perhaps the other visitors will review more places you could find good internet service;

Cafe Javas at Nakumatt Oasis Mall - A friend has highly recommends this as a good place to work on line (perhaps not for video calls - but why not if the back ground noise is regulated!) With their free WI-FI to all customers, this is the ideal place if you have your own laptop. You can quite easily tuck away in a corner while you enjoy those chocolate crossiants and a Ugandan cup of tea or coffee.... and the connection is good!

Then the Webcity Cafe - just opposite Kampala Casino, next to the Emirates Airlines offices on Kimathi avenue. This is probably my favourite! They have got one of the fastest web connection in town, good selection of computers and a lot more services like the card reader, photo copier, scanner and all the other secretarial services that might be of great use.

KayeNet Internet cafe is the other one I would recommend. The beauty is, these guys have got a chain of internet spots across the city - call them branches if you will! There is one at the Nalubega Complex, 2nd floor, Bombo road, just opposite the Watoto church (quite conducive if you are in the city centre), and another one in Wandegeya and on Market street. There facilities are good ... and if you have your own laptop, their wireless connection is great and the staff are very helpful too.

Others are; Linking Worlds at the Quality Shoppers Village on Entebbe road - quite good connection, The Restaurant at the Speke Hotel also offers free WI-FI.

On the public libraries - I am afraid, they are not the kind that are well funded - perhaps privately but they seem to have taken a back seat in the priorities of government - which is a shame! I therefore can't recommend any that has good internet facilities.

Keep it here and you will read more comments and reviews from the other visitors.

Hope this helps.

at i-Uganda.com

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