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The Kampala City Carnival Is Alive - Come October...

The Kampala City Carnival is very much still in its early years. In its maiden year (2012 as part of the celebrations to mark 50 years of Uganda's independence), one thought; well! this is one of those South American imported ideas that will not stand the test of time...

...But wow!, a few years on and still counting, this carnival has taken on its own identity. A lot of 'kampalans' - if you wish, have embraced it as an annual event to look forward to.

Full of fun, flair and feasting is what you get with the Kampala City Carnival. The event has gradually attracted people from all walks of life - including those from the neighbouring countries like; Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania ... to as far as Europe, the US and South America.

I must say; it was surely a bold move for the Kampala City Council Authority to take on something like thing in the region ... and without doubt, it has stood the test of time and very much part of the city's festivities to dot in your diary.

Each year is better that the last one - I can't wait for the next. Still wondering? Hello! You have already missed a few editions. Join the fun and let's share it ...

'For the love of Kampala' is the theme that goes with it - this could change each year (I guess depending on the mood...) This annual event is planned to happen round about the first week of October. I like it when the chief organiser - the Executive Director of Kampala City says; 'everyone will be a guest of honour'. That's the mood of the carnival - you know!.

Talk about life in Kampala, the carnival is very much alive. Over a million people attend this annual event and its success over the years has even attracted more sponsorship from the big private companies in the country - which promises an even bigger Kampala City Carnival next year.

Interestingly, everything that goes on at the festival is meant to celebrate Kampala City in a special way as a city of diversity and progress but also preserving the history and traditions of the city and the country at large.

Believe you, me, it's a very colourful event - the dresses worn at the carnival are amazing. They showcase the creativity and the love the people have for their city. You can't help but to appreciate the amount of time that they put in. By far, the Kampala City Carnival is the largest and most exciting street festival in the region (at least for now before the other cities start doing their own versions).

Waiting for your invite through the post? Come on! Everyone is invited. Come October, just slip-on your party shoes and fancy dress and come down to Kampala for the biggest and hugest street party - lots of fun; music, dancing, lots of food and drinks to feast, live performances, traditional dance troupes, fashion, art ... and lots, lots more. The streets of Kampala are jammed!

... And if you keep your eyes peeled through the night and keep on your feet, you could even catch a rear opportunity with one of Uganda's celebrities signing away an autograph on the back of your shirt or anything you can find.

Join in the fun - it's so tempting, or simply standby on the streets and watch the activities, you will love it. I can't wait for the next one.

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