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Uganda's Capital City, Kampala in Pictures

Here you will find some lovely displays of Kampala in pictures. You will see some of the pictures exclusively provided by our wonderful readers/ visitors.

Been to Kampala?

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As you can see from the shots, Kampala is Alive! - It's a vibrant city that continues to grow. Lots of new buildings coming up that are fast changing the city's skyline. Plenty of attractions to see ... with; Modern shopping centres, churches, mosques, temples, night clubs ... and lots more. The people are lovely and friendly and the weather is second to none ...

You will love it here and you will visit again and again ... and again! And who knows, Kampala could fast become your new found vacation city!

Here is Kampala in Pictures ...

Thinking of doing an African Safari? Think Ugandan Vacation - lots of places to visit and wonderful attractions; National Parks, Magnificent Mountain Ranges, Lovely people with rich cultures to explore ... You will love it here!

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