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Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda

Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda stands out perhaps as one of the few remains of a true natural tropical rainforest in the country. Its unique collection of plant life with over 350 tree species gives it that evergreen vegetation that sets out as a natural habitat to over 70 mammals including a diversity of primates that you will possibly not find anywhere in the region.

This park is among the very attractive game parks in Uganda. Referred to as the secret wonder of the richness of this country - You've got to visit to see for yourself! . It's home to quite a collection of over 1450 protected game with the red colobus monkey and the chimpanzees among the other 11 primate species standing out.

image placeholder Photo by; Andrea Schieber

Bird lovers will have a lovely day out here. There is over 350 bird species to look out for. Forest elephants, leopards and buffalos are the other frequently seen animals in the area among others.

I must mention that over the years, periods of sustained human population pressure in the area led to a section of the forest being encroached on leaving it severely degraded - losing its natural vegetation and a danger of leaving the primates with no place to live. Such is the gluttony of mankind!

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Having said that, the Uganda Wildlife Authority who run the park, together with different environmental protection pressure groups and NGOs have worked tirelessly hard in restoring the forest in the last 20/25 years. There has been a deliberate move to plant different varieties of tress to restore the natural environment of the park.

Located in the west of Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park was gazetted in 1932 as a forest reserve and formally established as a national game park in the early 90's to protect the game and the forest that was fast being encroached on. It stretches over 790 km2 in size adjoining with the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It is very much at the fore-front of research and eco-tourism in Uganda and a quite popular destination for the tourists particularly for its exclusively diverse primate population. It is in a very prime location that, you could decide to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Rwenzoris, Semuliki National Park and the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve without having to do long distances.

Talk about environmental science; researchers will tell you that Kibale Forest National Park possesses some of the highest biodiversity in Uganda. The forest also has a lot to do with preserving the water catchment and carbon sink in the atmosphere - beyond that, the science gets tough for me - I guess for a few of you as well!

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

It's quite easy to see why this place is invitingly charming;

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... And then, I will also tell you the various ways you can explore the park - looking at the Attractions in the park here.

How much you enjoy this place will depend on how much time you bring with you.

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