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Kibale National Park Attractions!

Well then, how do you make the most out of your visit to Kibale National Park? That's what I will show you on this page. The attractions - stuff to do while here;

Certainly, Kibale park will take you by surprise - perhaps not like anything you have seen in the other National Parks in Uganda. This park is set out in a very refreshing natural environment - with all its sights and sounds, you will love it here ...

What is rewarding is that you can visit Kibale National Park any time of the year - wet and dry seasons aside, the weather here is pleasing and the temperatures are quite lovely too (14°C to 27°C) - not cold and not too hot.

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Do you plan to visit the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park? Kibale National Park is just next door. In fact the 2 parks share a 180km-long corridor between Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth and Sebitoli in Kibale.

Some of the views you will see here are stunningly beautiful - the Ndali-Kasenda crater area is one striking place you must visit, which you could even explore on foot. It gives you the view of the tea estate and the kibale forest in the distance, the rift valley plains in the south and the Rwenzori range in the far west.

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Bird lovers will have a lovely day out here - over 350 species to look out for including; African Pitta, Grey-winged Robin, Grey-throated Flycatcher, Uganda Woodland Warbler, Chestnut-winged Starling, the Tiny Sunbirds and more ... Just outside the park is Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary which is home to more than 130 bird species - Good place to slot in into your itinerary.

You will have chance to see other mammals too; buffalos, leopards, bush pigs and more ... look out for the variety of colourful butterflies.

image placeholder Photo by; Andrea Schieber

And then of course the famous Chimpanzee tracking - without doubt, this is the crowd's favourite and most popular activity in the park. At the Kanyanchu primate walk you will get to see the chimpanzees, the red colobus monkey and the other 11 primate species. My best advice is that if you intend to do this, book in advance. It can be quite hard to find space in the group walks especially during the peak season.

The Nature/ Forest walks are lovely too - you get to extensively see what the park offers; the diverse tree species, the sights and sounds of the forest (unforgettable sounds of the primates and the various birds singing aways), and the other rare creatures that live alongside the primates.

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

... And as you are guided through the walks, you will meet the Batooro - an ethnic group that have lived here for hundreds of years. You will get to know their culture and beliefs - including an encounter with a traditional healer. You will love their mobile theatres as you dance to the groovy moves of their traditional songs and dances.

If you are interested in doing Research and Study, there is opportunity here. There is quite extensive areas of research you could explore; Ecology, Biodiversity, Socioeconomic and Development - including research into sustainable tourism; looking at best ways to preserve nature but also allowing man to live alongside the wildlife.

Simply contact the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Drop them a line here; info@ugandawildlife.org or give them a buzz on; +256 414 355000 / +256 312 355000.

If you are looking for a perfect place for holiday, you just found it! Kibale park will do it for you.

You will love the nature, the wildlife and the beautiful enviroment this park offers.

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