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Kidepo National Park Facts;

This page provides an overview of the park. A Snapshot; information you ought to know - the Kidepo National Park Facts.

You will find information on;

The Size, location and Management.

Climate, Weather and Vegetation.

Habitats and Nature.

Karamajong people and Culture.

Kidepo National Park Facts - Size, location and Management

Kidepo on the Map

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  • Tucked away in the far north-eastern corner of Uganda, Kidepo valley National Park is about 1,442 sq km in size with altitudes ranges of between 914m and 2750 metres above sea level.
  • It lies in the rugged semi arid valleys of the Karamoja sub region at Uganda's border with Southern Sudan and Kenya ... and is about 700 km from the Capital - Kampala, It's a quite remote place!
  • Kidepo National Park facts - Climate, Weather and Vegetation;

  • The park is largely rugged savannah - often golden tall grass. A section of it (about 2,750 metres) is Mountain Morungole. It has a semi-arid climate.
  • Two rivers; Narus and Kidepo, transect through the park. They are seasonal rivers that dry out in the dry season leaving scattered pools for the variety of Ugandan wildlife to scramble for.
  • Quite often in the dry season, the only places with water are in the wetlands. The Narus valley near Apoka with its broad base usually has the scattered pools of water that attract a large number of animals, making this valley the prime game viewing place.
  • The valley is served by a network of seasonal streams and tracts of the wetland that turn out to be good game tracks to follow. These tracks can be quite wet especially during the rainy season - which quickly reminds me how essential a 4WD can be.
  • Here are the seasons to look out for; Rainy season - February to June (long rainy season) and September to December (the short rainy season). The rains are quite unpredictable but light. Look out for April and November, which are the wettest months ...
  • ... And then of course the dry season; July and August turn out to be the hottest and ideal months to visit Kidepo. On average you will be doing 27.5°C with daily variations of 21.5°C to 34°C.
  • Kidepo National Park facts - Habitats and Nature.

  • By any standards, this park has an abundance of big game; You will probably see/find some of the biggest buffalo herds in Kidepo than anywhere else in the world ... and that's not all, it hosts over 77 mammal species and around 475 bird species.
  • ... Again, this place is quite remote and isolated, but for the many that make this long trip north through the wilderness of the Karamoja region, Kidepo turns out to be the most magnificent.
  • Ranked among the finest in Africa as CNN Travel will tell you, the scenes here are brilliant! Right from Apoka in the centre of the park, the savannah landscape stretches far beyond the park to the horizons that are outlined by the mountain ranges in the distance.
  • Kidepo National Park facts - Karamajong people and Culture.

  • Quite similar to the Kalenjin and Masaai in Kenya and the IK, the Karamojong people are the natives of the Karamoja sub region in north eastern Uganda. They live in clustered communities outside the park and the surrounding areas.
  • They are pastoralist and their main livelihood activity is herding livestock - which has a very strong social and cultural connotation to the way they live
  • .

  • Crop growing is secondary and only done in places where it's possible (of course given the semi-arid nature of the climate here) and very habitually therefore, they have long spells of draught and hunger.
  • They travel very long distances in search for water and pasture for their animals and quite often get into conflict with the neighbouring communities - notably the Ateso.
  • Fun facts;

    Did you know that;

    Kidepo Valley National Park was gazetted and commissioned as a National Park in 1962.

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