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Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda.

Explore the Untapped Natural Beauty of Uganda - Nothing will beat this!

Something natural, set out in a remote environment ... but maintaining that Ugandan beauty of discoveries; the Kidepo Valley National Park will instantly take you by surprise!

The landscape here is cut out of one of the high granite mountains separated by vast far-reaching grasslands, drained by seasonal rivers ... and that is just for your eyes instantly!

... But here is the treat you are in for; a diversity of wildlife - about 77 mammal species including elephants, lions - 'kings of the jungle', cheetars, zebras, giraffes and a remarkable 463 bird species.

image placeholder Photo by; Mark Jordahl

Hidden away in the far north east of Uganda at the border with the Southern Sudan and Kenya, the Kidepo Valley National Park is perhaps surprisingly one of the less visited game parks in Uganda ... and my guess is conceivably down to that extremely long and arduous road journey that you have to make especially if you are travelling from the Capital, Kampala ....

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You could fly in though! The park is served by an airstrip. Quite convenient, although still relatively pricey, taking the light aircraft flight is the easiest and quickest way to get here.

... But hello!, don't be put off - if you love to have that special Ugandan Vacation, you will be glad you visited Kidepo Valley National Park. Get your itinerary right, do your preps ahead of time - majority who have visited this park will testify they made the right choice.

image placeholder Photo by; Mark Jordahl

And even if you had to do the arduous road journey, if well planned, you could still see a lot of Uganda. And once you get there, the lovely Apoka lodge is top notch - their services are quite good and will guarantee you a lovely stay that will relax and pamper you for that unforgettable vacation.

This park will offer you great scenes out of this world; at the Narus rivers you will see probably Africa's largest herds of buffaloes. Waterbucks, warthogs, leopards ... and more - the list goes on. the kanatarok hot springs close to the border with Southern Sudan are amazing - water emerges out of the ground at almost boiling point.

CNN Travel recently listed Kidepo Valley National Park as Number 3 in 'Africa's 10 Best National Parks'- I am glad finally someone out there acknowledges ... read more here!

image placeholder Photo by; Mark Jordahl

image placeholder Photo by; Mark Jordahl

Here is a quick preview and facts about the Park; the size, the location, climate, habitant and nature and more...

Your adrenaline could already be kicking in ... but excitement aside, let's start building your check list here; 4WD - Check!, hiking boots - Check! lots of water - Check! ... building on, here is more Visitors' Information - including; how to get to and around the park, accommodation facilities, camping, best times to visit and more ... All you need to know about this park.

Also find out more on the Kidepo Valley National Park Attractions here ... just to tell you what to expect, what you can do, how much time you need and more...

... And if you have been to Kidepo or Plan On Going?

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