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Kidepo National Park, Uganda - Attractions

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Kidepo National Park is thrilling! - My assumption is that you've got that full time 4X4 (4 wheel drive) sorted out and ready to go.

Certainly if you are travelling from the Capital - Kampala, you will have opportunity to see a lot of rural Uganda, a life time driving experience and quite some places and Ugandan towns to visit. If you are flying to Kidepo, I guess that is the price you pay in exchange ...

Different from the other national parks in Uganda, this Park is known for hosting large herds of buffaloes which move together during the tail end of the dry season in search for water. Such herds of buffaloes will naturally attract lions which pounce at the opportunity of probably catching their biggest catch of the year.

image placeholder Photo by; Mark Jordahl

The best place to view these is at the Narus river valley which is usually the last place the animals will find water. You will love these game drives! - early mornings and late afternoon are the best possible times to view. The game rangers are always available to help you spot the animals.

77 mammal species and over 450 birds including; elephants, leopards, jackals, kavirondo buch babies, duikers, bushbucks and more ... will be served! Not forgetting the ostriches in the open plain - I still wonder if these are classified as birds - that's some primary school stuff to remember!

image placeholder Photo by; Mark Jordahl

The Kanangorok hot springs close to the border with Southern Sudan are fascinating attractions. Water emerges from the ground at close to boiling point ... and here is the beauty; that hour long journey to the spring will take you through some magnificent landscapes - rock outcrops and hills through the kidepo valley, crossing the sand river and navigating the open plain that goes beyond the springs towards mountains across the Southern Sudan border.

You can do a lot of hiking and nature walks in the valley. These will be guided walks of say 2 to 4 hours through the Narus Valley towards the mountains. To your surprise, you will get very close to the animals than you expected - relax! The guided walks could also be along the kidepo river valley between the banks of the striking borassus palm forest and to the Namamukweny valley.

image placeholder Photo by; Mark Jordahl

image placeholder Photo by; Walter Callens

Just outside the park, during the prearranged hikes to the Morungole Mountains, you could also meet and interact with the IK and karamojong people.

For the bird lovers, this park could quite easily be your favourite. Along the Narus and Namamukweny valleys are the bird viewing spots. If you are staying over at the Apoka Rest Camp, then you will certainly be woken up to the songs of the birds - your bird viewing experience starts there. The Abyssinian Roller, Purple Heron, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill and Clapperton's Francolin are just some of the rare bird you will see.
Pick up a map at the entrance to help you with directions. Bird watchers will always love Uganda - the variety is unbeatable.

You could also be interested in doing a wildlife study - for research and/ or education purposes. This park is a good place to do this. Talk to the authorities particularly the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

You will love the Kidepo experience - Someone called it 'a true safari experience which feels like africa before tourist arrived'. It can't be beaten!

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