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Lake Bunyonyi - In Many Ways, Fits The French Riviera Excitement!

Yes! Lake Bunyonyi in the southwest of Uganda. Surprised? Sometimes referred to as the 'French Riviera in Africa' or the 'little Switzerland' - But who cares anyway? This stunningly beautiful lake will give you a life time holiday in a relaxed and serene environment.

Sandwiched between the towns of Kabale and Kisoro and close to the Uganda-Rwanda border, this lake stretches about 16 miles long and close to 5 miles wide with its deepest point standing at about 3000 feet (which could quite easily pass as one of the deepest lakes in Africa). What is fascinating about this lake is that it has a naturally controlled mild climate that allows nature to beautifully lay out its backdrop.

You are looking at maximums of about 25ºC - It does get relatively cold at night and the early mornings with lows of about 15ºC. It also gets quite misty in the early morning - perhaps because of the hilly nature of the place.

Worried about getting to Lake Bunyonyi?

image placeholder Photo by; Snowflakegirl

The best way to get there is by road - find your way to Kabale town in the southwest, then you will have close to 5 miles to get to bliss! Getting to Orutindo Market (which is about 5 miles from Kabale) should take you about 20 minutes ... and then the fun begins, ... from there on, take that memorable boat ride to the island of your choice.

The road from Kabale gets quite steep after about 1 mile - you're perhaps better off in a 4x4 on this dirt road ... but don't let that put you off.

Here is the game plan; If you intend to visit Bwindi for the Gorillas, Lake Bunyonyi is just along the way - a day and 2 nights or 2 days and 1 night (whatever!) , can't really figure out how much time you have to spare, would be a good idea.

image placeholder Photo by; Martijn.Munneke

Travelling around in the lake region itself is another matter - Most reliable and quite conveniently you will love the self propelled canoe rides between the lake's 29 islands or take the motorised one ... and you could quite easily combine these with walks through the surrounding villages as you hop on and off the canoes...

Accommodation? You shouldn't have sleepless nights over this - this place has quite a collection that will fit within any budget from camping sites and rural family-home-stays to the top end off-shore resorts. And even if you failed to get anything close to Lake Bunyonyi, you could still make your way to Kabale town - guaranteed you will find a decent place to stay!

Inevitably I will keep singing about the beauty of this place ... but just because I want you to visit this little paradise in Uganda. That reminds me of some friends - a couple from Sweden who planned to get married in Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi provided the perfect dream for their wedding - they proposed and got married here in early 2010.

image placeholder Photo by; Snowflakegirl

Come to Lake Bunyonyi prepared to get wet - swimming! ... hmm, not sure it's a clear YES! Look out for the bilharzias red-flags. Water sports, canoeing, hiking, biking and fishing are all possibilities, and on a lovely warm day you can enjoy the refreshing taste of a cold Ugandan beer - that's if you drink at all. Lots of other soft drinks to choose from though ... :-)

Wherever you find yourself; in, on, along, or above Bunyonyi, I'm sure you'll have a lovely vacation of a lifetime!

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