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Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

Welcome to the home of the zebras - You will certainly see more black and white stripes ...

Surrounded by a savannah landscape that is characterised by rich flora and fauna, Lake Mburo National Park offers an experience of fascination in the wilderness together with nature's splendour of diversity. Set in a proper nature environment, this park clearly shows why "Uganda is so gifted by nature."

This little compacted gem - the smallest of National Parks in Uganda, comes alive instantly. The zebras call this home ... but you will certainly see a variety of wildlife; The eland antelope is common here, the impala, the buffaloes, klipspringers, defassa waterbuck and more. For the bird lovers out there, this is the place to be.

herd of zebras in lake mburo national park, Uganda Photo by; Neiljs

Over 300 bird species spotted here - You will undoubtedly have a good day out to try and find them; the Crested Francolin, Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, Brown Parrot, Barefaced Go-away bird, Rednecked Spur, Black-billed Barbet, Greenwood Hoopoe, Blue-napped Mousebird, Lilac-breasted Roller, African-grey Hornbill, Nubian Woodpecker, Trilling Cisticola, bee-eaters and the cheeky bronze-tailed starling, this list goes on ...

You could track the sounds of the woodpeckers, go for the African grey hornbill call or rather enjoy the breath taking views from the lake shore line. Lake Mburo National Park offers exceptional and numerous activities that will make your Ugandan vacation a lovely experience.

white colored African fish eagle in lake Mburo National Park, Uganda Photo by; Mark Jordahl

Lake Mburo - the largest of 14 lakes in the region dictates the tone of this park. These lakes form part of the 50km-stretch of wetland that has sections of permanent and seasonal swampy vegetation.

The park is located in the south close to Mbarara town. It's about 3 hours drive from the Capital, Kampala - which makes it perhaps the most easily access park (well much depends on where you are in Uganda) - If you are coming from up north, then it's a different story.

Rwonyo, the Park's Headquarters exhibits comprehensive visitors information that will guide you through the park - You will get detailed information on the activities to expect; stuff to do, what to see and where to go.

african hippos in lake mburo in Uganda Photo by; Sarahemcc

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  • And then of course you will want to know more on the Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park; stuff to do and see; activities, and more ...
  • Fun Facts

    Did you know that;

    Lake Mburo National Park derives its name from lake Mburo - one of the 14 lakes in the region.

    The park was first gazetted as a Controlled Hunting Area in 1933 and upgraded to a Game Reserve in 1963. In 1983 it was upgraded to National Park status.

    20% of the park's entrance fee is used to fund local community projects like building clinics, schools and providing safe water - It's one of those deliberate efforts to rally the local community to embrace conservation, hence reaping the benefits that ecotourism brings. I love projects that give back to community, nice thing to do! Isn't it?

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