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Lake Mburo National Park Attractions

See what is thrilling about this place; Activities - stuff to do, where to go and more ...

Lake Mburo National Park is exciting, as you would expect - and at every moment, depends on where you are, there is plenty of activities; stuff to do and see ... This park simply bursts into life ...

... And the reasons are simple! ... by the way, as you go about your preps, have you got yourselves a 4WD (a 4x4)? If not, no need to get restless - You could use a normal saloon car - perhaps you just have to avoid the long rainy season and you should be fine.

Better still, if you are not the kind that ventures into the unknown, there are tour companies that will do you a decent job.

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

I know I have mentioned this some where ... but once you get to the park, exploring Lake Mburo National Park gets instantly thrilling; You could do it by car with a roof top view or explore the park on foot - of course with a ranger guide, otherwise you will be lost in the woods ten minutes down the tracks.

These nature walks and hikes along the lake banks and hilltops are amazing - I guess it's the closest you get to nature - even touch some of it!

The most exciting is perhaps viewing the game on the back of a horse - such a thrilling experience as you get up-close to the wildlife. Mihingo lodges offers this experience ... and the best of all is that they cater for all - even the novice riders. If you have never ridden a horse before, you could simply walk the horse - exciting!

Impala in Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda Photo by; Neiljs

You will particularly enjoy the game drives. These tend to follow a set of tracks that cut across amazing landscape sceneries - through the woodlands to the grassy hillsides down to the seasonally flooded valleys and the natural salt licks. There are some spectacular 'kodak' moments here you wouldn't want to miss!

... And then of course that boat ride on Lake Mburo - Particularly the eastern banks that are rich with game; the crocs, the buffallos and the hippos light up this ride. Scenes to look out for; catch a glimpse of the morning sunrise or the sunset - spectacular views!

lake Mburo in Uganda Photo by; Sarahemcc

Bird lovers will love this park - of course birds are quite a piece of Uganda;

... And by the way, did you know that;

Uganda has more bird species than any other country in the world. 10.6% (1,061) of the world's 10,000 bird species are found in Uganda - that is more than the entire Europe (1,000). Uganda has 46.1% of bird species in Africa (2,300)

... Goes without saying, birds are everywhere and Lake Mburo is no exception - You are looking at over 300 bird species in this park.

Malachite Kingfisher sitted in the papyrus vegetation in Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda Photo by; Sarahemcc

You will catch some colourful scenes of birds along the lake; the fish eagles, the hammerkops and of course the kingfishers - see how precise these birds are as they go about fishing, the grey crowned crane, the black-bellied bustrad, the coqui francolin and more ... The swampy valleys, the forest and the viewing platforms are quite good places to spot the birds.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you could do some fishing in Lake Mburo - I know a friend whose holiday is always tied around some fishing - there you go ... try catching the tilapia (the most common specie here) - It's quite good for an evening open barbeque while you watch the clear skies go dark as the stars set in ...

Keep it real, enjoy Lake Mburo National Park as you see everything Ugandan!

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