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Lake Mburo National Park Facts - A Quick Preview!

This page provides an overview of the park. A Snapshot; information you ought to know.

Lake Mburo National Park facts - Size, location and Management

lake Mburo on the Map

  • Lake Mburo National Park is quite small - at 370sq km, it is the smallest of Uganda's National Parks at an altitude of 1200m - 1830m above sea level.
  • Found in the south of Uganda in Kiruhura district, close to Mbarara town, the park is about 3 hours drive from the Capital, Kampala.
  • Like all the other parks in the country, the Park is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) - a government body.

    Lake Mburo National Park facts - Climate, Weather & Vegetation;

    The geology of this place is quite interesting - ancient Precambrian rocks form the base ... and that these date back more than 500 million years - so they say! You've got to trust the geologists on this one!

    The vegetation here is the savannah woodland - coupled with swampy vegetation that sits along the 50km-stretch of wetland linking the 14 lakes in the region - The wetland comprises of about 20% of the park's grounds. Lake Mburo, the largest of all clearly stands out. Five of these lakes form part of the park's border lines.

    The savannah vegetation in the western part of the park is interrupted by sections of rocky ridges and forested gorges while bands of lush riparian woodland cover some of the areas along most of the lakes.

    A bit of the Climate ...

    The area has average temperatures ranging between 21°C - 29°C and can go up to a maximum of 34°C.

    The rains are quite erratic and unpredictable - there are two seasons here; the long rains come in February to June and the short period - September to December. On average, this place receives about 800mm of rainfall a year ... and because it's quite close to the equator, it has a very lovely weather that makes it perfect for an all-year-round-visit.

    Lake Mburo National Park facts - Habitats and Nature.

    This park has quite a bit of history - some of which is unfortunately quite ugly!

    Originally gazetted as a controlled hunting area in 1933 by the then British colonial rulers, The Banyankole - the residents of the surrounding areas used the park as hunting and grazing grounds for their cattle.

    In 1963, it was upgraded to a game reserve and later on in 1983 to a National park. The events that followed the upgrade - particularly the 1983 upgrade included ugly scene of forceful evictions and restriction on the use of the park by the Banyankole.

    The 'Operation Bonanza massacre' in 1983 in which close to 250,000 residents lost thier lives stands out. Inadvertently at the time, the government suspected that the park grounds were being used by the rebels to lay their attacks ... and without discrimination, a lot of residents lost their lives in the fighting that ensued.

    A change of government through a military coup in 1985 saw the residents re-occupy areas of the park that they deemed theirs. To date, less than half of the park's original grounds have been re-possessed and re-gazetted as the lake Mburo National Park.

    On the positive though, when you visit you will see why this park is such a rich gem for Uganda - there is quite a collection of wildlife set in a beautiful natural environment ... See more here!

    The Banyankole - the natives of the surrounding areas have quite a rich cultural heritage. Take a stroll to the Ankole Cultural Centre and to the local villages and see for yourself the customs and way of life of these wonderful people - You will be amazed! Their long-horned-cattle are particularly a captivating view.

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