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Lake Mburo National Park; Visitors' Information

The Fees, Getting There and About, the weather, and more...

On this page I will tell you how to get to and around Lake Mburo National Park; accommodation facilities, camping, best times to visit and lots more ... Just about all you need to know about this place.

For starters; best advice is to have yourselves a proper 4WD ... and I know I have mentioned somewhere that you can get to lake Mburo in a normal saloon car - yes you could! ... but let's play it safe here. If you can't find one, don't be put off, give it a go especially if in the dry season - look out for the months with less rainfall.

Lake Mburo National Park - Getting there and about;

The park lies between Masaka town and Mbarara town in the west of Uganda in Kiruhura District. If you are yearning to take in a bit of Uganda's wildlife, this is perhaps the most easily accessible park - well, depends on where you are in the country ... but if you are coming from the Capital Kampala, you will do about 230km by road - which should take you about 3 hours to get there.

The road is all tarmac - just the last bit of the journey (20/25km) ... but which should be alright even in a normal saloon car - perhaps better off with a 4x4 especially in the long rainy season.

There are two gates to the park which are both off the Masaka - Mbarara road;

The turning to Nshara gate is about 13km past Lyantonde town (best approach if you are travelling from Kampala).You certainly will not miss the turning, there is a very clear signpost. From the turning, you will do about 25km to the gate on a dirt road.

The second gate at Sanga is also quite easily accessible. The turn-off is about 27km past Lyantonde town from Masaka town. Drive to Sanga trading centre - that leave you with about 13 km to the Sanga gate. You will still see clear signposts to guide you through.

On the Map ...

Rwonyo, the Park's Headquarters is about 20 minutes drive from either gates.

Inside the park, getting round to view the game is quite exciting; You could do it by car ( which is the most common). Fancy a ride on the horse as you go about the viewing? Sure! you can do that here ... and what about a boat ride on Lake Mburo (spectacular scenes in stock!). Otherwise, you can also explore the park on foot - with the help of a guide of course.

Lake Mburo National Park - Best times to visit;

The park can be visited all year round ... see climate and weather on this page for further preferences. You could choose between the seasons. Otherwise, this should be the least on your list of worries!

Lake Mburo National Park - Facilities and Fees

If you love camping - enjoying nature and the environment! This is the place to take it in and appreciate nature set in an environment of beautiful sceneries.

The park has designated camp grounds with facilities for visitors; at the parks HQ in Rwonyo, at the Conservation Education Centre in Sanga, at the Mazinga camp site and more ... Interestingly, you can also pitch camp inside the park - a rare opportunity for 'game night watching'. There is a luxury tented camping site within the park run by Kimbla-Mantana African Safaris - the Lake Mburo Tented Camp.

.. And if you are looking for a bit of luxury, located at the hilltop adjacent to the park is Mihingo lodge that has quite spectacular views of the park and the nearby lakes. Here you can even view the game as you ride along on a horse - amazing!

Fees ; For entrance to the Park and the activities, there is a range of fees - See current fees for National Parks in Uganda here ...

Lake Mburo National Park - Things To Do

This is where it gets exciting! I will keep this brief because I have dedicated a page to carefully tell you more about what to expect in Kibale National Park.

Find me here to tell you more of what you can see and do in the park ...

Find me here on the next page to tell you more of what you can see and do in the park ...

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