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Malaria tablets/ Treatment and Mozzy Repellent

by Rafael T Valdes
(Cuenca, Spain)

Dec 27, 2014


I am going on a short business trip to Uganda in 2 months time, flying in to Entebbe and visiting Kampala. I might explore a bit of the country side but probably not to the game parks.

I have two questions;

1. Do I need to bring Malaria tablets with me? I honestly would prefer not to. Are there times of year when it's ok?

2. What is the best Mosquito repellent?


Rafael T Valdes


Hi Rafael,

There are certainly mozzies in Uganda - no seasons to this - perhaps more in the rainy season when there is more stagnant water in puddles conducive for their reproduction ... and you might not even tell when they pounce.

I must say malaria has a nasty strain - best is to avoid catching it.

That said, my advice would be to take malaria prophylaxis - preventive treatment with you. Talk to your doctor before you travel - he/she will be in the best position to advise on the best and most effective treatment for Uganda. Some treatments are taken once while others are taken daily.

On the Mosquito repellent - a few names come up; Bushmans, Jungle Formular and the liquid pesticide that you plug-in to release the chemical (which will be useless once you are in the very rural Uganda where there is no electricity) ... the downside is that even the strongest of these repellent don't go beyond 8 - 10 hours. If you are looking for a good night's sleep, nothing beats a treated mosquito net. It's quite easy to find one in Uganda. Most of the pharmaceuticals do sell them.

My recommendation; Have the repellent for the hours before bed and once you are tucked-in, use the net, it will shield you from those horrible little monsters.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

at my-Uganda.com

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