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Maps - Good to Know Your Geography Around Uganda!

I love the culture of using maps, perhaps not getting so used to them and relying on them all the time, lest I get so frustrated when I can't find a place and yet I have locked out all other alternative ways.

Sadly, this is the not the culture of most Ugandans - simply put, it's not a Ugandan thing! Yes... many times, no need for them... and I am not talking about the large scale ones like the one below - Travel maps for that matter. All you do is; just ask if you can't find your way, amazing!

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...And it's only when you understand and appreciate how Ugandans go about finding places, that you value their approach.

Having grown up into this culture, it didn't even cross my mind that I probably would need to use one at times and honestly my first encounter was when on a study trip to the UK back in 2004, I got increasingly frustrated trying to coordinate my college, the city centre and shops to where I lived.

...Bear in mind, this was only my first trip to Europe - with a cultural shock and with a lot of new stuff to take in, it couldn't get any worse than not finding my coordinates.

It only occurred to me after a couple of weeks that from where I lived to my college was actually a 15 minutes walk and rather than take a 45 minutes ride on the bus, I could have walked all this time - never mind how much I spent but also this could have kept me fit and saved on time.

...and this was only after I bought my first travel map - which I still keep as a souvenir! And only then did I start to appreciate the importance they play.

The beauty is, now that I have both approaches, it's much easier to find my destination here. Most Ugandans will rely on the physical features of a place and not being afraid to ask every time you can't find your way - which is good!...

...But what if; the big tree next to..., the old house round the corner, the little path or the road has been gone since! Really?...interesting! Yes... we can laugh about it! But surely these are things that have happened before especially with the rapid development that goes on in some of these places.

As you enjoy your Ugandan vacation, you will find lots of reviews on the best places to visit - restaurants, recommended hotels, tourist attractions and more but if you can't find any of them... that is how infuriating it will be.

So I have put together a series of Ugandan maps for you - with the help of Google!

Click here for the series to find out where that is in Uganda.

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