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Mbarara Town - Yet Another Lovely Stop to the West.

In the western region of Uganda about 290kms from Kampala lies the vibrant Mbarara town that many refer to as the town of 'milk and honey' ... I have been told, not water but milk flows through the taps here! Without doubt, you could easily decide to have milk as part of your every meal - it's in plenty ... Yes! plenty.

... Certainly, its potential, the progression, its beauty, natural abundance and people's love for cattle - that are by the way very much part of the culture here, will catch your attention.

Top Areas of Interest;

Mbarara Map

You only have to get there to draw you conclusion. It's a town with such strong roots that span thousands of years!

mbarara town with long horned cattle statue

If you are on your way to some place further west, you will perhaps find yourself in town without you realizing - A lot of travellers love this place and it's a nice place to stop for a night or two before you get on with your goose chase.

This town serves as the administrative and commercial center of the district - it hosts the district headquarter and predominantly the biggest town in the region. It has a population of about 85,000.

Some of the landmarks you will find here include: The headquarters of the 2nd Division of the Ugandan army, Coca Cola plant - which is a subsidiary of Coca Cola international, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and more ...

Tourists will love this place too - it's quite close to the Lake Mburo National park, and has wonderful bars and night clubs - you will not be disappointed. It's got good accommodation facilities - even on a tight budget, you will find something decent. Banks and ATMs are easily accessible therefore no worries of running out of cash!

... And here is something I thought I should tell you about this place; been told that; 'Mbarara', comes out of the English colonialist's mispronunciation of the word 'Mburara' - a type of grass loved by the cows ... hmmm! Sounds quite concocted but whatever you choose to call it will seem kind of insignificant - but at least you now know a bit of that history!

You could consider studying in Uganda - MUST -the University of Science and Technology is a lovely place to study; quite known for its training in medicine, it's one of the top Universities in Africa.

If you love sightseeing, the surrounding villages have such a wonderful scenery that compliments the town quite well - you will get some great photos and while out there, don't forget to learn the traditional dance - it's quite rich with energy, especially for the men and for the women ... you will love the rhythm and movement.

... And talking about Ugandan Clothing, this town is the show-case of the western region's traditional wear - get yourself one as a souvenir! About the common language spoken - you will do with some survival phrases in Runyankore.

Enjoy every bit of the town.

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Mbarara Location

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Facts & Figures

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Name; Mbarara
Region; Western Uganda
Population; ~ 85,000
Phone Code; (+256) 0485
Lingo; Runyankore (local)

Mbarara Weather

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