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Mgahinga National Park Attractions!

Visit Mgahinga for the Gorillas, the thrill of mountaineering and ...

Here we go! I hope you've got enough time to spare - realistically, 1 - 2 days would be a total waste of time considering the travelling you have to do to get to this place. But again, don't let that put you off ... You could cherry-pick your activities!

Surely the Mountain Gorillas will be top of your list; Mgahinga National Park is one of the two places you can see these creatures. The other is Bwindi National Park. It is believed that the group of habituated gorillas in Mgahinga once lived across in Rwanda and only came home in 2007 to settle here.

image placeholder Gorilla - Photo by; Bear Carlson

You will need a gorilla tracking permit issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to see the gorillas in Mgahinga and Bwindi. See fees here ...

... And if you've got any children in your group, please note that only persons over the age of 15 years will be allowed to track the gorillas.

Gorillas aside, you could choose to track the Golden Monkeys too - these are a rare species that are near extinction. A considerable number of visitors have shown interest in tracking these. There is more wildlife to see in this park; the bush bucks, the giant forest hogs, buffaloes and more ...

Birding is the other activity here. You could pitch camp here to view some of the rare bird species like the Red Tufted Malachite Sunbird found in the swampy craters of Mountain Gahinga and the Rwenzori Turaco found in the thick forests along the slopes of Mountain Sabinyo.

If you love Mountain Climbing, the ranges here will give you just the challenge you need. There are 3 striking volcanoes you could can take on; Mountain Gahinga at 3474m high, Mountain Sabinyo at 3669m and Mountain Muhavura at 4127m high.

Then as you do all that, you could Explore the Caves - the Garama Cave in particular. This has got its origin grounded in the history and way of life of the Batwa people (the natives of Mgahinga). The cave is such a fascinating giant structure that also give you opportunity to know more about the culture of the Batwa.

image placeholder Gorilla - Photo by; Bear Carlson

You will love the Nature Walks - one of which will surely lead you to the Viewing Platform. This place has a stunningly beautiful view of the park and beyond. Lovely place to take a few shots. If you are lucky, you could also spot the golden monkeys in the vicinity.

And of course the Camping bit. Right at the entrance of the park at Ntebeko is the community campground. It's such a lovely place to camp in a natural enviroment with basic facilities - food and cold drinks are available too. I wouldn't mind spending a day or two here while contemplating my next move.

Whatever you decide to do, you could pitch your own tent or hire one of the thatched huts (bandas). The environment here is very naturally calm and scenic.

You will love this little natural gem!

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