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Download My Mini-Guide to Uganda

Here is where you can either open to read or download My Mini-Guide to Uganda ...

... But firstly, To read and print this guide you need to have Acrobat Reader. Most people will have it on their computer... but just in case you don't, you can download it FREE from the link below. (A new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page.)

If you wish to open and read the Guide in your browser, just click on the link below.

To save the file to your computer, use the "Save A Copy" link at the top left of the eBook menu.

Alternatively, simply right click on the link below (control-click for Mac users) and choose "Save Target As" (or "Save File As" - "Save Link As", depending which browser you use).

Then select where you want to save the file on your hard drive. Remember where you put it! (Tip: that's easiest if you just save it to your desktop.) Once you have saved the file, locate where you saved it, and double click it to open.

To print, just open the downloaded file, and select the "Print" option from the eBook menu at the top right.

To download the file, click on the link below to the open file.

In the top right corner, click the download icon ... and you will be home and dry :-)

Locate your copy from your download;, open, relax, read and enjoy ... and you could also save it in a better location like; your desktop that you can quickly and easily access.

For some strange reason, if you can't download the guide or If you run into trouble while downloading, simply contact me here and I will sort it out for you.

Do NOT reply to any of the subscription emails you received. They are automated messages and those accounts are not monitored.

Important! Please always use the "Contact Me" page to get in touch. It's the best way to make sure I will receive your message. (A link to the contact page is on this website.)

I hope you will find the guide useful!

Until next time, have a wonderful and fruitful trip to Uganda,


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My Mini-Guide to Uganda

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