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Motor Insurance in Uganda

by Joel
(United States)


thanks for the info about Uganda, I'm actually
African but grew up in the USA but looking to move to Uganda in a few months.

My question is about car insurance in Uganda; is it paid every year or monthly? ... and how much is it approximately? thanks and have a nice day.



Dear Joel,

Broadly speaking, car insurance takes on different forms and I wonder which sort of cover you would be interested in.

But that said, Yes! it is paid every year - you could find some insurance companies that give the option of monthly payments particularly if you are taking out a big policy.

About the cost; I wouldn't tell - certainly the insurance companies have different insurance product bundles at different prices.

Take for instance, you could decide to go for comprehensive insurance or simply fire and safety insurance policy. The cost would be different for each.

The third party motor insurance is mandatory in Uganda and therefore you will have to consider taking out this policy anyway.

My advice would be; contact the insurance companies in Uganda directly and carefully look at what they have to offer - the extent of their coverage (the bundles and prices)

... And remember, whatever the cost is, look at different companies to get the best bargain before you take out a policy.

Click to read more about insurance in Uganda.

Hope this helps


at my-Uganda.com

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