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my-Uganda.com MOBILE SANDBOX

Introducing the Mobile Version;

You're now in my Site's Mobile Sandbox. That means that you can explore the site with your 'smart phone' (iPhone, Blackberry or Android-based phone) and ... or your iPod. You will see a special 'mobile view' of my-Uganda.com on your device. At the moment, only visitors like you who are in this sandbox can see that special view right now.

I would really appreaciate if you will try this site out on your smartphone and send me the results. Here is how to do that ...

  • Start at the home page. How does it look? Is the information easily readable? How do the photos look? does anything seem to be 'off' - not in line?
  • Click through the Navigation on the left. Was the page you clicked on easy to find? (There is also a 'Full Site' option.)
  • ... And once you get through the navigation, click around the other page links too. Does every thing look, feel and work well?
  • Try to do some thing Special; like clicking on the Facebook "Like" button and entering a comment (that's if you are hooked on FB of course!)
  • Finally, in the Navigation, find the Contact button and fill in the form with your feedback about your smartphone experience on the Site.
  • While you test, don't be afraid, try to break something - don't worry, you really can't break anything ... but surely, if something doesn't work, please let me know using the Contact page

    I appreciate all your time and effort for this test and every feedback will be very valuable ... However, time is not on our side, We've only got 10 days to test, send in feedback and get ready for the final version to go live. Therefore, please send in any reports well within the 10 days period. Testing ends Sunday, 15/12/2013.

    Thanks so much for you help - it will make my-Uganda.com a better experience for all smart phone users. I look forward to hearing all aboyt your experience.

    Best Regards,

    at my-Uganda.com

    If my work and information is helpful and you like what you read on the site, please consider making a donation to support its development.

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