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Mt Elgon Park Attractions!

See what is thrilling about this place; Activities - stuff to do, where to go and more ...

You will love the hikes here filled with a glorious lot to see; the exclusive flora and fauna, wonderful waterfalls, the massive caves, the charming peaks, gorges and hot springs which bubble at about 480 degrees... and more.

The Flora and Fauna;

Mt Elgon Park possesses a very unique vegetation cover - you will see four distinctive types; the mixed bamboo belt, the heath and moorland hyrachs (these have very rare plant species like the giant lobelia elgonesis and groundsels), sections of dense schrubs with brilliant wild flowers and the lush montane forest.

... And what more can I say about the wonderful collection of bird species in Uganda! You've got to Read this - just in case you didn't know;

Uganda has more bird species than any other country in the world. 10.6% (1,061) of the world's 10,000 bird species are found in Uganda - that is more than the entire Europe (1,000). Uganda has 46.1% of bird species in Africa (2,300)

Bird lovers and watchers will have a wonderful day out here. Mt Elgon Park has over 300 bird species including the endangered Lammergeyer, the rare Jackson's francolin and black-collared Apalis. Good place to do your count and research - for those on a study (see the authorities first!).

Quite a good collection of animals to see too; bush duiker, hyenas, rock hyrax, buffalos, primates, elephants and much more ... (these roam between the forest and the moorland).

The Mt Elgon Hike;

If mountains are your favourite scenery, then believe you, me, there is something incredibly beautiful about this place. Many climbers will yearn for that intersection of fast-moving clouds, enormous rocky towers and the bright blue sky upon conquering that dream highest peak.

Mt Elgon Park has it all for you to take. Here is a quick read on the Mt Elgon hike - what to expect; information to help you with your preps.

Best thing to do is to plan for a minimum of a 5 days mountain hike ...

... And if you have a few days left, here is more;

You can take on the Nature walks - these are a lovely way to spend the day. You will have chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the park; lots of primates, birds and rare tree species to see. And along the trails are these massive caves, the 'Walls of Death' and the magnificent Sipi falls - beautiful scenes! You could even decide to spend the night at one of the designated camp sites here.

The site of the lovely Arabica coffee plantations on the slopes of Mt Elgon are a magnificent scene - You probably haven't seen one before, I bet you will take a picture here! ... And by the way, this place produces some of the finest coffee you will find.

Love Rock Climbing? You will be pleased. Right outside the park at Sipi, you can do rock climbing. Your rock scaling techniques will be tested - a 35m climb will be your toughest ... or rather the easy 15m.

For the anglers, you could do some sport fishing at the Sipi falls. Your challenge will be catching the rainbow trout - it has got such a beautiful coloration and fighting ability! Fishing is restricted to designated sites - however, advance booking is not necessary. Remember to bring your own equipment and secure a permit from Sipi River Lodge before you set out fishing.

Mountain biking is another interesting activity to do here. Such is the easy way to tour the surrounding areas - the wonderful views of the waterfalls in the vicinity and the Karamoja plains in the distance is amazing.

The Bike trail starts from Sipi trading centre to Chema hill in Kapchorwa (that's about a 2 hours ride). No worries - you don't have to bring your own bike. You can quite easily hire one at the Sipi River lodge.

There you have it, enjoy the Mt Elgon Park.

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