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Murchison Falls Park - Visitors' Information

Fees, Getting There and Getting Around and more...

On this page I will tell you how to get to and around Murchison Falls Park, accommodation facilities, camping, best times to visit and more ... Just about all you need to know about this place.

Murchison Falls Park - Getting there and getting about;

Murchison Falls Park is situated in the northern region of Uganda. There are quite number of ways to get to the park;

Starting with the easiest; By Air. Pakuba Airport is the access to the park. It's just about 19km from Paara. Take one of the chattered flights from either Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi airfield. Other airfields in the area include; Chobe to the east and Bugungu to the south of Paara. See more information here about the other Airports in Uganda just in case you need to catch a connection flight.

... And by Road;

To the southern entrance gates; the Ultimatum is to get to the Nile at Paara (at the heart of the Murchison Falls) at which point you cross the river using a vehicle ferry that runs hourly throughout the day.

From the Capital, Kampala, its roughly a 5 hours drive (305km) to Paara. This takes you through Masindi Town which is about 85km to Paara. Along the way to Masindi, you could have a stop at the Ziwa rhino Sunctury and support the initiative of reintroducing wild rhinos to protected areas.

From Masindi, you will enter the conservation area through kichumbanyobo, through Kaniyo Pabidi forest en-route to Paara.

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If you don't mind the extra mileage in exchange for a more scenic route, then you could take the longer route from Masindi (about 135km). This takes you through Bugungu, and through Budongo forest, catching the sight of the rift valley escapement over Butiaba with stunningly beautiful views of Lake Albert towards the Mountains of the Congo in the distance.

Crossing the Nile at Karuma you will easily get to these gates. This is probably the best route for travellers from Gulu Town and Kidepo Valley National Park (if you are doing a run through all the National Parks)

All this travelling comes with anxiety filled with excitement ... but once you get to Murchison Falls Park, it opens up into this long awaited natural beauty. Some of the attractions are close so you won't have to travel long distances within the park.

Between the Murchison Falls and the Lake Albert delta, the Nile is navigable for at least 40km.

Murchison Falls Park - Best times;

Murchison Falls Park can be visited all year round. Even when it rains, it still shines ... caution would be that when it rains, it can be quite heavy making some roads in the park inaccessible - otherwise, generally, the roads are good.

The best time to visit therefore would be during the dry season; December - late February and June - September. The beauty is; at this time of the year, the animals will tend to gather around water bodies making them easier to watch.

For the bird watchers - I would say January to March. There is quite a lot of bird activity then.

My favourite is the very beginning of the dry season - just when the roads open up again. There will still be a lot of water and as a recommendation, you will still need a 4x4 - the wild flowers will be at their peak, the animals will have a glow and look healthy ... and there aren't that many tourists.

Murchison Falls Park - Facilities and Fees

You will be spoilt for choice. Murchison Falls Park has some of the best accommodation facilities. From camping, lodges to some of the best hotels in the country that will clearly pamper you for your unforgettable Ugandan vacation. The eco-friendly Guest houses will take care of budget lodgings.

Look out for the Kaniyo Pabidi Camp, the Red Chilli Rest Camp and the Murchison River lodge (just outside the park but before the ferry) - these have wonderful camping facilities..

A small fee will be charged for most of the activities and sites within the park which is different from the entrance to the park and which will normally be subject to change. See current fees for National Parks in Uganda here ...

... And if you are the kind that is not afraid to spend - for something more luxurious, the Nile Safari Camp, Sambiya Safari lodge and the Paara Safari lodges will gladly pamper you.

All these facilities are very much with in proximity of the Murchison Falls Park. Masindi Hotel is one place you can use within Masidi town and the Court View Hotels. These are on the way to the park - very ideal if you fancy a rest before you take on the Murchison Falls.

Murchison Falls Park - Things to do;

This is when the excitement kicks in - I will keep this section brief because, I have a page dedicated to this that tells you more about what to expect, attractions and stuff to do...

Most people come here; for adventure - for that unforgettable Ugandan Vacation, to have a true African experience, and to enjoy themselves.

My best advice would be to have an open mind - open to surprise, seizing at every moment to enjoy.

Sport fishing, hiking, ferry cruises, game drives, camping and more ... Most of the attractions are close together and you can see and do quite a bit in a day.

... And certainly with more time, you can delve into the real bush experience of the park, Find out more on this on the next page here ...

If my work and information is helpful and you like what you read on the site, please consider making a donation to support its development.

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