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Murchison Falls Park Attractions

See what is thrilling about this place; Activities - stuff to do, where to go and more ...

Murchison Falls National Park is exciting - and at every moment, depends on where you are, there is plenty of activities; stuff to do and see ...

For starters, it's best to have a full time 4WD - then you are not restricted on movement. Some of the roads could be impassable for a simple saloon car especially if you are there in the rainy season.

Every time I say attractions, one wonders what each of us is attracted to ... but believe you me, this park will catch your eyes in whatever way;

The magnificent scene of the Murchison falls that adds beauty to the mighty River Nile is amazing. The herds of hippos and crocodiles along the sandbanks and the large number of different animals (elephants and buffaloes are frequent guests here) that come down to drink from and bath in the river is astonishing.

My favourite without doubt is the boat trip up the stream to observe the falls and the riverbank wildlife. This runs every day (at 9:00 and 14:00) and takes about 3 hours ... that could do for the day.

... But if you have a few days left, look out for the other boat trip down the stream from Paara that takes you through the papyrus delta at the point just where the river enters Lake Albert. This round trip takes about 4 to 5 hours - haa, what more can I say about the scenery, the sounds and wildlife ... You've got to get here and see it yourself.

If you love fishing, then you are in for a treat; Any anglers out there? Just after the Murchison falls where the river breaks into some calmness you could do some fishing. This is however restricted to some designated areas with limited admission. I therefore recommend you book in advance. Sport fishing is popular here. You could also hire a boat and go offshore fishing. Remember to carry your own fishing equipment.

The ferry cruise will dig out all your imaginations; the natural beauty, the greenery, the wildlife and the cool breeze - whatever you do to live with this image for the rest of your life, do a video and whenever you can, don't forget; to share it with us here...

For the real Murchison Park experience, you could go hiking, nature walks (these get you close to the primates and birds) or do some game drives (opportunity to take some close range photos of the animals).

Pick up a map at the entrance to help you with directions. Bird watchers will always love Uganda - the variety is unbeatable.

Look out for the Rabongo and Budongo Forests - these are good spots for Chimpanzee trailing.

The kids will love it here too. there are activities designed to take care of them; wonderful kids' story books on Uganda's wildlife and beauty that are educational too, painting, board games within the hotels and guest houses. They could also enjoy the lovely swimming pools in some of the hotels as they cool off in the breeze.

Lucky you! You could quite easily also catch the traditional dancers as they perform around the lodge camp fires. That magical Ugandan experience at dusk will forever stick with you. Have some loose cash with you to get yourself a souvenir from one of the craft shops around and ... lastly, have the camera with you all the time or you miss out on the miraculous 'kodak moments'.

Keep it real, see everything Ugandan!

Fun facts;

At 108kg, the record still stands for the largest Nile Perch ever caught. If you ever want to break this record, you know what to do - no practice needed, just throw your fishing rod and you are in business. You only wish it was that simple!

... And did you know that; Uganda has more bird species than any other country in the world. 10.6% (1,061) of the world's 10,000 bird species are found in Uganda - that is more than the entire Europe (1,000). Uganda has 46.1% of bird species in Africa (2,300)

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