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Queen Elizabeth National Park - Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park is arguably the most famous of all National game Parks in Uganda - Count me out on this vote, for; I am torn between this Park, Bwindi National Park and the Rwenzori. These three truly define the natural beauty of this country.

Found in western Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park encompasses 1,978 square kilometres. Known for its high biodiversity ratings - probably one of the highest of any game reserve in the world, this place is home to over 95 mammal species with about 612 species of birds to see ...

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You will soon discover that this open savannah that stretches out to the rainforests, dotted with dense papyrus swamps and crater lakes is home to an astonishing collection of game; the hippos, the buffalo herds, elephants, Uganda kobs and the African lion are some of what you will find here. It's also got a good collection of primate species too; the baboons, chimpanzees and more ...

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Bird watchers will love this place - over 600 species of birds to look out for here ...

Here is a quick preview; see facts about the Queen Elizabeth National Park - This page gives you all that background information about size, location and management, habitat and nature, climate and more ...

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

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From the top of the trees to the forest floor, all sorts of wildlife can be found here. Look out for the tree climbing lions - these are ready to pounce on any animal that falls prey. You will see all sorts of plants here; I have seen some rare mushrooms here that would make a lovely soup ...

... But hello! listen, unless you are a mushroom expert, I wouldn't try eating any of the fungi that grows here, OK?

Here is more Visitors' information - including; how to get to and around the Queen Elizabeth National Park, accommodation facilities, camping, best times to visit and more ...

Keep your eyes peeled everywhere. You never know what kind of animal, plant or insect you're going to see. Monitor lizards and 6-metre long pythons call this park home as do the wood peckers, antelopes and more ...

The attractions in this park will keep you running in circles ... but here is the game plan; See the Attractions in one place here; stuff to do and see; activities, where to go and more ...

Lovely! what more can I say, You will love this park - like all the other Game Parks in Uganda ... but perhaps this has an extra sway about it.

Enjoy the Queen Elizabeth National Park - QENP!

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Queen Elizabeth National Park

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