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Queen Elizabeth Park - Uganda; Attractions ...

See what is thrilling about this place; Activities - stuff to do and see, where to go and more ...

For many that have visited Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda - It is a thrill! It's certainly lived to many expectations. I guarantee , you will not be disappointed!

... And the beauty is; you can come to Queen Elizabeth Park - Uganda any time of the year - No big deal about the season! Its quite good weather out here all year round. And whether you decide together with a group of friends/ family to drive down here or take the services of a tour company, getting here is pretty easy.

image placeholder Photo by; Jocelyn Saurini

Have yourselves a good 4x4 (4 wheel drive!)... and if you are already thinking of packing your bags for Queen Elizabeth National Park, see my checklist here ... Read about driving in Uganda here before the rubber hits the tarmac.

Great! here is what you can look out for ... and even more;

The amazing Kazinga Channel!

It's probably one of the best places to be in the Queen Elizabeth Park - top of the list, 'a must see/ do'. The boat cruise on this 40 metre long channel that joins lake George to lake Edward is amazing!

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

Undoubtedly the best views of the Queen Elizabeth Park are down the Kazinga channel; along the shores are large concentration of wildlife - the herds of buffalos, the reptiles, elephants, the Uganda kobs and lots more ... and quite a big collection of birds as well (I will talk about birds in a moment - hold it!)

Get yourselves tickets / booking for the cruise - preferably the morning cruise before the sun gets hot. You will love it!

The Bat Cave

Scared of bats like me? I can't seem to get over these creatures! You will need a guide to get you to this cave that is tucked away in the Maramagambo forest. The beauty is; this place now has a protective viewing room to keep you away from the bats and pythons that live alongside.

For more cave experience, also visit Nyanz' ibiri. The cave here has a rich cultural history. You will hear stories of how this cave was used for sacrificial offerings and cleansing misfortunes ... and lots more!

Bird viewing in Queen Elizabeth Park

Talking about birding; I guess you probably already know why Uganda generally is classified as an important bird area by Birding International.

Uganda is blessed with more bird species than any other country in the world. About 10.6% (1,061 to be precise) of the worlds 10,000 bird species are found in Uganda.

image placeholder Flamingos - Photo by; Sarahemcc

Back to the Queen Elizabeth Park, this place is home to over 600 bird species - certainly the greatest of any park in the region. You will have chance to see water birds, woodland and forest dwellers in the Maramagambo Forest, Over 50 raptors and various migratory species;

image placeholder Photo by; Sarahemcc

The African Broadbill, the Black Bee-eater, the Flamingos, the White-winged Warbler, Martial Eagle, Pink-backed Pelican ... just to mention but a few! Best places for bird viewing are; along the Kazinga Channel, Kasenyi Area, Mweya Peninsula, Maramagambo Forest, Ishasha Sector, Lake Kikorongo, Katunguru Bridge area and Katwe Area.

... And if you need more information on birding in Uganda, visit www.birding-uganda.com

For that memorable experience, place your foot at the Equator - Yes! that imaginary line. Take some pictures here - not many have been to the equator you know!

The Queen's Pavilion is an oasis in the park! Recently commission in 2007 by His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh of United Kingdom, this place is a lovely place to yearn for particularly if you feel like grabbing a snack and a quick coffee or tea and promptly connecting to your relations and friends with the internet facility here.

The gifts shop at the Pavilion is one place to get yourself a lovely souvenir to rekindle the memories later. This place has also got lots of information on all the other game Parks in Uganda.

Visit the Kyambura Gorg for the Chimpanzees in their natural environment. They are quite shy creaures ... but even without spotting any, their sounds in a distance, the sights of the rainforest and the vegetation cover is awesome enough! Lots of birds to see as well ...

Also visit the Mweya peninsula for more exciting sightseeing and activities. This place has some of the finest accommodation in the park. It also has an information centre and a lovely souvenir shop to pickup more African safari goodies.

And ... oh yes! The tree climbing lions in Ishasha - look out! Lots of more wildlife to see along the Ishasha river and lake Edward.

There is certainly plenty more you will see about Queen Elizabeth Park that I didn't mention here. Feel free to share with us here ...

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