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Semliki National Park, Uganda

Yet another of Uganda's Beauty set in a natural enviroment!

Semliki National Park spreads across the semliki valley on the western side of the Rwenzori valley. This relatively little known national park - of course compared to the likes of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison falls National Park, is a wonderful place for hiking and camping.

If you are looking at keeping away from the crowds - at least for now, ... but still enjoy the most of your Ugandan vacation, give semliki a deep thought!

Extension of the Ituli rainforest of Congo in Semliki National Park, Western Uganda Semliki Rainforest - Photo by; sarahemcc

Crafted out of a forest reserve, Semliki was upgraded to the status of a national park in 1993 - show-casing the beauty of perhaps what is left of Africa's most ancient and bio-diverse forests - a real natural tropical forest.

The easternmost section of the forest is rather 'prehistoric' - an extension of the great Ituri forest of the Congo basin in central Africa. Purely untapped tropical forest that has lived through the decades - which gives this park a high diversity of plant life and animal species, including microhabitats.

If you are into research, I bet this would be a lovely place to find good samples ... you will be lost in the woods for several hours ...

Statunga in Semliki National Park, Western Uganda Statunga in Semliki Park - Photo by; Godfrey Mukalazi

Semliki river denotes the park's characteristic features - It sits right at the border of Uganda and the DR Congo, separating the two countries. It carefully meanders through the park, giving it the much needed water table that dictates the greenery here.

From the top of the trees to the forest floor, all sorts of wildlife can be found. Keep your eyes peeled - you never know what is out there, you could even make some new discoveries ...

Bird lovers will certainly have a wonderful walk in the park - 441 bird species to see on the bounce... and the count is still on, you could spot some new specie; the Yellow-throated Cuckoo and the Piping Hornbill call this place home, as do 53 mammals and all kinds of beetles and butterflies.

 Natural bubbling Female Hot Spring in Semliki National Park, Western Uganda Female Hot Spring in Semliki Park - Photo by; sarahemcc

In fact the collection of the butterflies is amazing - there is all sorts of gorgeous colours and designs out there, Hello! We are talking ... 300 butterfly species here boy! Look out for the bugs on the floor too, - fascinating to see what you find!

Here is a quick preview and facts about the Park; the size, the location, climate, habitant and nature and more...

Also find out more on the Semliki National Park Attractions here - just to tell you what to expect, what you can do, how much time you need and more...

You could plan to visit Semliki after scaling the Rwenzori Ranges or vice-versa ... and getting here should be quite simple once you get to the Rwenzori region. Here is some inside knowledge - Visitor's info that tells you a bit more on how to get here, best times to visit, the weather ...

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