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The Sipi Falls in Uganda - Little Hidden Wonders!

Sipi Falls - Uganda's little hidden wonders! so they say ... I know many that have gone past these falls and only done the hike to Mountain Elgon - Yes! They have seen it but not really given it a proper thought. Hello! you just missed something ...

I can understand why - particularly if you are focussed on mountain hiking in Uganda ... I hope you can slot in a few more days ; 2/3 days will do to explore the Sipi falls thoroughly ... but if you are short on time, just spare 6 hours to a day to do the hike to the waterfalls. You will love the splendour of this place.

image placeholder Photo by; Dave Lonsdale

I have always said to myself; if only these little wonders were visited by more and more people, then the world would know more about them, tapping into the unwinding memories that this place has.

... 'But no one ever told me about Sipi falls while I was in Uganda!' there you go ... A friend of mine who now lives in the Czech Republic always says this to me - the more reason I decided to write about it.

These falls are stunningly beautiful! I have seen many shots and taken some myself, but trust me, no photo could ever do justice to this place.

Found in Eastern Uganda at the foothills of Mt Elgon, the Sipi falls are three waterfalls. If you are doing the Elgon hike or visiting the Mt Elgon National Park, you will certainly not miss them. They are right at the edge of the mountain - close to the starting point of the hike.

image placeholder Photo by; Dave Lonsdale

... And it's not just the falls that make this place special, there is much more to discover and do here; the guided walks will lead you to discovering the beautiful rural Uganda - at its best! The coffee tours are amazing - you even get to make your own coffee from scratch! And the stunningly beautiful views of the mountain slopes, the Karamoja plains and Lake Kyoga in the distance.

One thing though, even if you are just doing the Sipi falls area, prepare like you are getting set for a mountain hike; have proper hiking shoes, light rain jacket and more ... the trails can be muddy and slippery. And be ready to get wet!

You will certainly do the walk-abouts around the base of the falls and to the caves but also climb out of the gorge on wooden ladders - not for the faint hearted I guess! ... but nothing to worry about - you will have guides to keep you going.

For the strong hearted, there is even more; you could do some rappelling off the falls cliff - perhaps not for me! quite petrifying but a fascinating experience! - this will cost you a few pennies for the guys that organise this.

image placeholder Photo by; Frozgard

You can organise these tours through the Uganda Wildlife Authority or use the local tour guides. See UWA fees here!

Visiting the Sipi falls is well worth it - you will love it!

And here is more information you will need; a bit of inside knowledge on how to get the best out of your Sipi falls tour - how to get there, accommodation, the weather and more ...

You could be among the lucky ones that have made this trip OR plan to visit Sipi falls!

I would love to hear from you.

A tip or two; how you went about the trip, the experiences (including even what didn't go well) would be lovely to share here with the other readers.

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