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Spiced Ugandan Tea with Ginger | Ugandan Recipes

Fancy a cup of tea? Spiced Ugandan tea is the real deal! Away from what you are probably used to - this is tea prepared from first principles - from scratch if you like! No quick fixes - 'am afraid! In Uganda tea is cooked.

You will be pleased with the aroma from the spices - the lemon grass and / or cinnamon. The whiff is delightfully irresistible and inviting even before it's served.

I must warn you though, it takes a bit of patience to prepare spiced Ugandan tea ... however well worth all the effort.

Right! Here is how you do it;

Spiced Ugandan Tea - On your Menu in Uganda!

Preparation: 7 - 10 minutes

Serves: 2/3


1/2 a litre of water / milk (optional) - If you wish to have milk, measure out your ratio of milk and water. Otherwise you could decide to have it all as milk.

1-2 cm of Ginger - preferably fresh, peeled and crushed giving off its juice.

Lemongrass - preferably fresh.

Tea bags / tea leave (you will need to sieve out the tea leaves before you serve)

Sugar (optional)

Tip; You could quite easily pick up 'tea masala' - a ready mixture of tea spices that will ably replace the ginger and lemongrass from one of the local supermarkets.
... And if you fancy 'dry tea' (tea without milk) as it's commonly referred to here - best is; to boil the water in the kettle well in advance - saves you a bit of time!


Put 1/2 litre of water / milk in a pot, add the lemongrass and ginger and bring to boil.

Just before it starts to boil, add the tea leaves / tea bags.

Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 1 - 2 minutes.

Caution; if it's milk, keep full attention! - A layer of cream forms on top as it starts to boil and raises to the top ... and could eventually spill over. Best advice is; once it starts to bubble, reduce the heat to near zero, allow to boil gently for about 30 seconds with your full attention and then turn off the heat.

Sieve to remove the residues of the ginger, lemongrass and tea leaves and serve.

Allow your guests to add sugar to their liking, sit back and enjoy your richly spiced Ugandan tea!

Tip; You can enjoy the moment with 'Mandazi' - the all-time-favourite Ugandan half cakes to accompany your tea. They are real delights.

Let me know how you get on with the recipe using the comments section at the bottom ... and not just that, you could discover something new and different with cooking in Uganda - Share it! Use the form here to share your recipe.

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