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Student Accommodation in Uganda; What You Need to Know!

The ideal would be if you are offered space in student accommodation in Uganda that is owned by the institution,college or university;

1. It would probably be slightly cheaper than the privately owned.

2. It would very likely be in a secure environment that is conducive for proper learning/training without external interference. The kind of environment you need for a wonderful studying in Uganda experience.

... but that said, many times such student accommodation in Uganda has very limited space - only for the very few with high grades. If you are one of those, bless yourself! Otherwise privately owned student accommodation awaits you.

Such establishments that offer accommodation for students are usually in and around if not close to the institutions/colleges/university. You will find a whole range - cutting across all budgets; from the very basic (shared room with bed only - no mattress) to the top range that will give you excellent service.

You will certainly find places that offer excellent value-for-money student accommodation in Uganda to international and local student alike. If you are joining University in Uganda, the best place to find information on these would be the students guild offices.

One thing to note; most of these privately owned places are called 'hostels'/ 'student hostels' for some reason I am yet to establish; they are fully functional places of residence for fulltime students as opposed to travelling students on string budgets ... and again they don't come cheap these days.

... But who cares about what they are called anyway! Read more about Hostels in Uganda here.

Student accommodation in Uganda starts from about 500,000 Ug shs - that's about $190 per semester depending on which residence you wish to live in. You can also get accommodation advice and recommendations from the institution/college/university through which you have enrolled. Some institutions have an office of the dean of students - this would be quite helpful in giving such information.

Use this handy currency converter to work out the math for you.

If you need some where to stay for a few days when you first arrive in Uganda - I am afraid there are just a few options; particularly if you want to be close to your school or college as possible. Yes! Ugandan hostels - perhaps guest houses and other budget accommodation will offer you the best option.

I wouldn't recommend any of the Ugandan hotels - at least not for a student! - such an option would turn out to be so expensive and unsustainable in the short run.

For hostels and other budget accommodation, here is where you can do your trusted hostel booking online.

If you are on a short course - say less than 6 months, you could be lucky to find a family that offers home-stays. These are quite a few but would be the ideal opportunity to learn about Uganda's cultural diversity; the cuisine, the recipes, the history and a lot more...

Here are my tips on finding student accommodation in Uganda;

  • First; know what your budget is and stick to it; + or - , but don't deviate too much from what your plan is, keep within what you can afford. Student accommodation in Uganda can be quite expensive and you don't want to spend more on accommodation than your studies. Know what the market price is beforehand.
  • Find the right location; proximity to the school/college and the environment.
  • View the place before moving in.
  • If you intend to share, meet the people with whom you will be staying.
  • Meet your landlord who will receive your rent.
  • Read your tenancy agreement very carefully and ask where you don't understand be sure to get a fair deal of the terms and conditions.
  • Make sure the accommodation is furnished or unfurnished, according to what you are looking for.
  • Check if water and electricity is included or if you must pay that separately as these are sometimes excluded from rent. Also check if there are any other exclusions.
  • Does your accommodation have internet facilities? You could be lucky that this is part of the package.
  • ... And if you will be driving, find out about the parking and safety of your vehicle. Be sure to explore driving in Uganda before you start driving around.
  • You might have to pay a deposit of a month's rent or more, which can be withheld by your landlord at the end of your lease if you have damaged the property in any way. Find out.
  • ... And as you read through the documentation, note if there is any damage to the property before you move in, document this with photographs and send them to your landlord/property warden.
  • Remember, your school/college or university administration should be in position to point you to the right direction. Don't feel alone and stranded, make enquiries.

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