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General Student Advice in Uganda - What You Need To Know About Studying in Uganda

Here is some general student advice in Uganda from me to you as you plan your study in Uganda.

... It's not so often that you get such student advice in Uganda, you know!

I would love to see you have an enjoyable life time stay and experience in Uganda - memories that will keep Uganda close to your heart. Therefore,to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities, take this guidance.

Applying for a Ugandan study visa

Please note: All visitors to Uganda must possess a valid passport/travel document in order to enter the country and, depending on your country of origin, a visa - see general information on Ugandan visa here and immigration advice.

International students intending to study in Uganda must apply for and be granted and student/pupil pass before commencing their studies. A Ugandan institution of learning will not and cannot register an international student until a valid student/pupil pass has been produced. Careful! you better not get conned.

Take this caution and don't be fooled into going on with registration and paying fees to the school/institution/college before you are granted the pass. There is quite a list of requirements for entry into Uganda as a student/pupil and unless you have fulfilled all the requirements, a pass will not be given.

Yes! It's OK to go on and apply for the course and to the school of your choice but only when an offer is given to you, should you proceed with the visa/student pass application.

A Ugandan student/pupil pass or visa for that matter will be granted for the specific period of the length on study - incase an extension is required to complete the relevant course, there is procedure to allow that.

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control in the Ministry of Internal Affairs has very handy information that you will need to apply for your visa/pass. They will also give you any further general guidance on entry into Uganda.

Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control: +256 414 595 945, Fax: +256 414 348 707 or www.immigration.go.ug

You can also find the contact of the Ugandan Embassy in your country or the one closest to you here.

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