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Student Information in Uganda to Ease Your Study Preparations.

Finding the right student information in Uganda and advice about studying in Uganda can quite simply ease your preparations and make your stay such an enjoyable adventure that you will remember for a long time if not your life time.

Here you will find the kind of resource you need before you even apply to your school/university of choice; Advice and tips on where to stay, links to the various schools, universities and other tertiary institutions, courses offered, immigration issues, what to do and how to go about life in Uganda, and if you need to, how to get to the Capital, Kampala.

Follow these links below for more... ;

  • See Robert's Advice to help you prepare for your study in Uganda.
  • About Student Housing and more ...
  • Student Services - Where to find Student help, guidance and more ...
  • Please note; there might be ... and will be details you will not find here that will require you to contact the institution, school or university directly. Say; student information in Uganda on the prospectus that gives details about the courses offered, the fees, application process and more.

    Quite importantly, know what you want to study - strongly taking into account the career path you want to pursue and then of course, be sure to have the sufficient funds to see you through your course. Search the web for scholarships student information - you will be surprised at what you find! Some institutions and colleges have bursaries and teaching assistantships.

    You might also want to learn English or simply polish up the much that you know - at most of the universities you will find a language department that will do you a good job. They will very likely also have other international languages on offer; French, German, Spanish ... and hey! have you thought about learning a local Ugandan language?

    Prepare well in time, putting together all the facts/documents you need... And if you still have any unanswered questions, finding the Ugandan embassy in your country will be a good idea - those guys are more than willing to assist you.

    If my work and information is helpful and you like what you read on the site, please consider making a donation to support its development.

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