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Student Services in Uganda - Where to get Help and Guidance

Student services in Uganda cut across a range of things; student accommodation, general information, advice, courses offered and more...

International students who wish to study in Uganda are very much welcome in almost all schools/colleges and Ugandan universities.

There might be a few with exceptions for fear of the responsibility that comes with it ... otherwise generally, as long as you meet the requirements, you will be enrolled in majority of the schools here.

However you can, always be in contact with the school administration for any student services in Uganda you might require - make general enquires even before you travel; about the school, accommodation, library facilities, working in Uganda (if you intend to find work as you study) and more ...

The office of the dean of students, the student union, the student guild and possibly 'international students associations' (some schools and universities have formed these), are some of the places you can make student services enquiries.

You are more than welcome to contact or visit the Ugandan embassy in your country for any enquiries even as you make your initial contact with the school/college; for any assistance in enrolling at the various institutions of learning. They will provide free and impartial advice about study opportunities in Uganda ... and even if they can't answer your question, they will point you to the right direction for the student services in Uganda that you require.

International students intending to study in Uganda must apply for and be granted a student/pupil pass before commencing with their studies. A Ugandan institution of learning will not and cannot register an international student until a valid student/pupil pass has been produced. Careful! you better not get conned.

For any further detailed enquiries about the courses offered and studying at the various institutions of learning, you may want to contact them directly. Here are contacts for selected universities and colleges;

Makerere University - Kampala (MUK)

Website; http://mak.ac.ug Academic Registrar; Tel: +256 414 533 332 Email: ar[at]acadreg.mak.ac.ug

Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST)

Website; http://www.must.ac.ug/ Tel: +256-4854-21373 Email: pro@must.ac.ug

Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)

Website; http://www.iuiu.ac.ug/

Kampala International University (KIU)

Website; http://www.gu.ac.ug/ General lines; Tel: +256 414 663 813, +256 414 267634 Email: admin@kiu.ac.ug

Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Nakawa

(Now Metropolitan University Business School) Website; http://mubs.ac.ug/ Tel: +256 414 338120

Victoria University Uganda

Website; http://vu.ac.ug/ Tel: + 256 417 727 000/1/2/3/4/5 Email;: info@victoriauniversity.ac.ug

Gulu University (GU)

Website; http://www.gu.ac.ug/ Academic Registrar's Office: Tel: +256 471 432 921 Email: ar@gu.ac.ug

Kyambogo University (KYU)

Website; http://www.kyu.ac.ug/ Academic Registrar's Office Tel: +256 414 285 037 Email: arkyu@kyu.ac.ug

Busitema University

Website: http://busitema.ac.ug/ Academic Registrar: Tel: +256 454 448 864 Email: ar@acadreg.busitema.ac.ug

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